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PARZIFICA- Ardadain, Malidor, Ilmanor, Morcrebainia, Heingoer

1st January- Alqar, festival of the swan, and of Dana and Khanus.
2nd February- Kelvas, the festival of Kelvinn.
21st March- Mithras, the festival of Kemwe.
1st May- Melra, the festival of Melina
6th May- Kalas, a minor festival. The day the Death-Queen was killed.
23rd June- Gilanor, the festival of Eleniel
2nd August- Olvest, festival of Olvanna, and the harvest.
21st September- Gaeran, the festival of Nenila
1st November- Moran, festival of Gurthil.
21st December- Vinya, the festival of Vinwe
22nd December- Ria Drala, the festival of Dral

EDHELNORE and other Elves.

23rd January- Narasia, festival of the Sun, and Khanus
23rd March- Aldara, festival of the trees.
4th May- Lexania, a minor festival celebrating the fall of the Death Queen. 23rd June- Elisia, festival of the Stars, and Eleniel
23rd August- Linda, festival of song and poetry.
23rd November- Isila, festival of the Moon, and Danu.


2nd February -Imolk, festival of Brilintia (Goddess of Spring)
31st April- Beahltine, festival of Beahl/ Bryn, lord of the Summer and Sun.
2nd August- Loghmas, festival of Logh, lord of the Harvest, and Autumn.
23rd August- Linda, the Elvish festival of song
31st October- Sahuinne, festival of Ceris, lord of the Winter. The Cymur new year.


23rd March- Ostrae, festival of Ostara, goddess of life.
22nd June- Sigil, festival of the Sun.
1st July- Leeth, festival of mid-year.
21st September- Fehra, festival of the Harvest.
21st December- Isar, festival of winter, and the moon.
31st December-5th January- Geol, festival of the new year.


1st December- Balzosh, festival of Balzot, and new year.


1st April- Ascension. The death of Kalnus, and his ascent to Vinwe (Heaven).
31st October- Habila, the day of the spirits.
31st December- Maskalo. The birth of Kalnus. End of the year.

Plus many Saint's days.


1st-3rd January- Aliara, the beginning of the year.
1st May- Vernisia, spring-day, and celebration of Melina.
1st August- Outana, harvest-day.
1st September- Hopana, Founder's-Day.

KAZAD-AR and other Dwarves

1st January- Hok-Monaz, the New Year feast.
8th March- Zalkrin, the Day of Work.
3rd November- Wa-Zallow, Feast of the Ancestors