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Horsatia was born twenty seven years ago, in the village of Hendi. Her mother, Chamaga, was the queen of the Vultani, and as such Horsatia enjoyed special privileges, and often came into contact with the Atlantean Imperials. Chamaga wanted her daughter to succeed her to the throne, and taught her well in warfare and combat from a very early age. However, tragedy struck when Horsatia was 12; her mother died of Nanhuatl Plague. As Horsatia was so young, she had little chance of winning the duels to gain the throne.

Horsatia’s half-sister, Kariadni, fought for the throne, defeating over forty opponents. She gained a lot of mistrust, however, by slaying four of the combatants. Worse, she was the daughter of an Ursani warrior who had raped his mother, and so had been disowned by her tribe. It was usually considered illegal for a tribeless woman to become queen, but as she was the daughter of Chamaga, she was permitted.

She was not to be queen for long, however- Horsatia, disgusted by a tribeless half-Ursani on the throne, vowed to remove her. She tried to reason with the Imperial council, that slaying a combatant was illegal and invalidated her claim, but to no avail. With no other option, she challenged her half-sister to a duel, though she was only 12. The duel was long and vicious, and Kariadni knocked Horsatia to the floor. Against the rules Kariadni stabbed the prone Horsatia, giving her a nasty wound on the thigh. Angry at the treachery, and determined to claim the position her mother had wanted for her, Horsatia stood. She hit Kariadni so hard that she was knocked off her feet. And, in revenge, she thrust her spear deep into Kariadni’s thigh.

Kariadni, defeated and shamed, fled the city. She moved into an Ursani village, and was never seen again. Horsatia, with a wound and a limp to match her half-sister’s, was crowned queen, at the tender age of thirteen.

Horsatia is a strict but honourable queen, who treats the imperials well. Although she is not fond of the Atlanteans, she tolerates them because of her mother’s viewpoints, and to respect the treaty of her ancestors. She is concerned, however, about the cultural decline of the Vultani, especially the Murr tribe, and is determined to put a stop to it. She honours the Imperial territories, and even calls some of the Atleanteans ‘friend’ but she finds the Imperial women weak, and doesn’t trust the Imperial men, who she thinks are all rapists. Horsatia is a slender and muscular young woman with black hair; she is 5’6 and is quite light-skinned for a Vultani. She is considered beautiful by both Imperials and Vultani alike, though she has yet to take a mate.