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A tall and formidable man, Hrusso is the current Outlord of the Skyrangers. In charge of the entire force, he is ill-content to sit behind a desk at the Outfort (in the Silent Hills). Instead, he insists on leading his small band of Rangers himself, and generally acts as a normal Outranger.

A sullen man, Hrusso took over the role as Outranger from his father, when he was killed in combat with a group of ogres. Hrusso himself lost an eye in that battle, and most of the squad died. Escaping to the Outfort, Hrusso began recuiting for new members, until his team of rangers was more than twice the size it had been. Fuelled by a lust for revenge, Hrusso's group (the Bloodhawks), became famous amongst both the Orcs and the other Rangers.

Recently elected Outlord, Hrusso has since clamed down, and now leads his group with a sound head and calm heart. He is still reknown for his efficiency to kill however, and is feared by the Daenorrim hordes.