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Marido is the capital city of Huanor, and is home to the duke. Once it was occupied by both men and Elves, and its architecture is evident to this. Although modern buildings resemble the Rhutalathian norm, the vast ‘Old Town,’ in the centre, is filled with beautiful once-Elven buildings. In addition, the Duke’s home, The Palace of Lore, situated on the edge of the Old-Town, is a beautiful testimony to Elven construction.

The New town, mostly situated on the northern side of the Huan River, has grown dramatically since the Sundering. In addition, several large Guild Houses have been built, to house the various guilds set up by the current Duke.


Gaermas is a large town on the coast, with a thriving underworld. It is a large and important port, although it is mainly utilized by traders, particularly those on the Atlantean route. Although a popular stop for travellers and adventurers, it has becmoe a little more dangerous recently, with the establishment of The Smuggler’s Guild- a mafia of traders and pirates who seek to dominate the trade in Gaermas. They have parodied themselves on the guilds of Duke Mendoz, though they certainly do not operate within the law, and are not associated with him. Gaermas recently suffered from an outbreak of Plague, and was isolated from the rest of Rhutalath. It is slowly trying to rebuild its trade-routes and wealth.


Once known as Alira, Castleton was an important Elven trading town. Now it serves mainly as a stopping point for those on the Hound’s Trail. Above the town, dominating the skyline, are the remains of the beautiful Elven palace of Dearra, It is now an Elf-Death castille.


Hoparona was once the Elven capital of Julana, though very few of its building survived the great war. Now, apart from the crumbling Elven Walls, most of the buildings are newly-built, shoddy, and depressing. Hoparoma is now the home to the largest garrison of Elf-Death, save for Castille Feymorta, and it serves as the main defence against the Tauronic Elves. It has a large training ground for the Elf-Death, and a few orphanages, most bled dry by the Fey-Stalker masters. Hoparona is a town constantly under martial law, though crime is still rife.

Vin Furton:

A small and pleasant town, unlike the majority of Huanor frontier towns. It has lush parks and lakes, and serves as the hunting centre of Huanor.


A mining town, Drewston is the largest of the settlements in the Nevala hills. It is a rundown place, and rarely visited by either travellers or authorities. The great bard Turin once described Drewston as the most dangerous place in the civilized world. Whilst unfair, Drewston does have a large population of Outlaws, fugitives and bounty-hunters.


Located on the western coast of Tolvan Isle, Ilyana is a large port, ugly and dirty. Unlike the beautiful buildings of Sharya, Ilyana’s architecture is dark, tall and foreboding. Rats scurry along the alleys, and the streets are used as sewers. In its hey-day, Ilyana was a beautiful Elven port, but since then it has changed dramatically. Few traders go near the port, so now it is used as the haven for Duke Mendoz’s navy.


Type: Castle
Symbol: A white skull on a black field)

Origin: Once a small trading post on the Elven/ Rhutalath border, the Castille has been enlarged andnow serves as the main garrison for the Elf-Death. It is here that the Lord Marshal makes his home. A dark and foreboding place, it occupies a steep and high crag, which can only be reached by a raised stone bridge, across a causeway.
Military: 200
Population: 100
Ruler: Lord Marshal Gabrielle.

Type: Castle
Symbol: A white skull on a black field.
Origin: Fort Sereg was once the home to the Elf-Death, when they were originally founded. Since the Elves were pushed out completely, they relocated to the border. Now Fort Sereg contains a small garrison of Hunters. More importantly, it now serves as the main prison for Huanor.

Military: 35

Type: Ruined City
Symbol: none
Origin: during the Elven/ Rhutalathian Friendship, Caras Gilmor was known as Gilli-Mora. It was reknown as a centre of Magical Study, and for the creation of Artifacts. When the Elves were driven out, the used their magic to destroy the city, thus denying access to the arcane Halls of Or’Dral. Thousands of Rhutalathian soldiers were killed in the explosion.

Rhutalathians generally avoid the ruins, believing them to be cursed. The Inquisitors have sent a few expeditions into the ruins in an attempt to purge them of magic, but very little has ever been found. A few adventurers have also tried their luck, to no avail.
Population: 0


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