child_m.gif (3208 bytes)unt for the Horns

Being an account of events leading up to, and following, The Hunt for the Horns



Sat 15th Oct Grendel and Bremmy set off to find Bairg's treasure.
16th Oct Reach Grelor's house, and get the key to the treasure room.
Meet Rhutalathian monks for the first time.
17th Oct Grendel and Bremmy find Bairg's Treasure, and retrieve it.
21st Oct Grendel and Bremmy return home, with the treasure.
22nd Oct Morandor makes Grendel count stones, as part of a lesson.
Grendel buys better clothes, and asks for a job at the Wizard's Rest.
23rd Oct Grendel is taught about P.E.M. He has a fight with Kemil Azeroth, in the inn.
24th Oct Grendel sets off to Dudley with Pariel, and Tremor. Grendel saves Pariel from Bandits.
25th Oct Reach Dudley. Pariel does her healing. Grendel burns Rhutalathian monks' books.
26th Oct Return to Doromir
27th October Grendel and Bremmy go to Gothmarket to get book 'Nodes and Leylines' for Morandor.
Grendel is arrested and locked up for causing trouble in the 'Laughing Cavalier.'
29thOctober Morandor bails Grendel out. Return to Doromir.
30th October Grendel and Mep go to mountains to get Morandor's herbs. Attacked by the giant, Magog. Grendel discovers that Mep is half-Dryad. Saved by Morandor.
Grendel meets Maree for the first time, in the Wizard's Rest.
31st October Grendel takes Maree to Gothmarket. He buys them both horses and clothes. Grendel causes trouble at the 'Laughing Cavalier' again.
4th Nov Grendel, Mep, Bremmy and Maree return to Gothmarket for shopping. They are chased by Grelor, and barely manage to escape.
7th Nov Grendel and Mep accompany Rubb Grumm to Angost to deliver beer for the Royal Party, and to visit his daughter, Bani. Maree stows away.
9th Nov Grendel, Mep and Maree gatecrash the Royal Party. Grendel and Maree are forced to pretend they are married nobles. Mep is mistaken as a servant, and causes a revolt in the servant quarters. Grendel and Maree begin to hate nobles.
10th Nov Rubb realises his daughter, Bani, is missing. They go to the temple of Angost to find her. Find a temporal distortion and go to the furure, where they meet Blood Wulf and Auberon. Eventually, the rescue Bani from the time distortion, and lose all memory of the future events.
11th Nov Mep, Grendel, Maree and Rubb return home.
13th Nov Grendel and Mep find out the Grelor has placed a price on their head (100gp). They are attacked by two bounty hunters, but manage to defeat them. Grendel tries to pay off the bounty hunter, but the attempt backfires, and Grelor puts the price up to 1000gp.
14th Nov Mep is captured by two Malidoran bounty hunters, but manages to escape with the help of Grendel and Bremmy. He is hamstrung.
15th Nov Grendel, Mep and Bremmy set off to confront Grelor (Mep having been healed at Azeroth Manor). They encounter an elite Cadre of Heingoer, who attempt to capture them for the reward money. Grendel convinces them to help them assault Grelor. When they arrive at Grelor's house, Morandor is there, who claims he has 'changed' Grelor's mind on the bounty. Morandor teleports the Heingoer away, and the group return to Doromir.
Tue 1st Feb National Holiday: The Emperor of Atlantis dies.
Grendel and Maree try a bit of banditry, but meet no one to rob.
Wed 2nd Feb Grendel is taken to his first Earthnode. He adopts the Unicorn foal, Terelar.
Grendel and Maree try banditry again. they rob a general.
Thu 3rd Feb Maree and Grendel set off for Dudley, to find Leddon Grumm. Rescue Leddon from Trolls
Fri 4th Feb Return home. Pariel asks Grendel to go adventuring with her. She leaves on her own, when he refuses.
Sat 5th Feb Theos is crowned Emperor of Atlantis.
Grendel meets Miagi, and he and Mep accompany him to Enedhaur.
Sun 6th Feb Stop at Gothmarket. They discover the 'Laughing Noble' innkeeper is dead. Grendel is being framed.
Chased by guards. Miagi kills them.
Mon 7th Feb Stop at Thara-Pata. Find Pariel working in the 'Malidoran.' Miagi knocks her out, and Mep takes her home.
Stay at the 'Lightbringer.'
Tue 8th Feb Reach Kelford. Stay at the 'Hogwash', owned by Kramm Grumm (Rubb's cousin). He betrays them to the guards, so Miagi kills him.
Wed 9th Feb Grendel and Miagi encounter Dead Elves. First encounter with Fey-Stalkers.
Thu 10th Feb Go to Eldarond, The Elven capital. Miagi delivers his note from Lexus.
Fri 11th Feb Miagi and Grendel find Rhutalathian lair, in Morrim ruins. They kill the Fey-Stalkers and an Inquisitor (Diego LaGrana)
Sat 12th Feb Grendel is proclaimed Elf friend, in Eldarond.
Tue 15th Feb Leave Eldarond
Fri 18th Feb Return to Doromir. Miagi leaves, and takes Pariel on an adventure.
Sun 19th Feb Grendel returns to home to Kingshead for a holiday.
Wed 29th Feb Zardock moves into Morandor's Tower

Sat 3rd June Grendel returns. He and Zardock don't hit it off. Zardock turns Grendel into a frog, temporarily. Bremmy appears to have left Doromir. Terelar has disappeared.
Sun 4th Jun Elestan moves into the village. Grendel gets a note from his father, telling him to go to Rhutalath to inherit his Uncle's estate.
Mon 5th Jun Grendel, Elestan and Maree set off for Gaermas. Encounter with Magog in the Mountains.
Thu 8th Jun The group meet Fargol the Half-orc Cleric. He joins them for a while.
Fri 9th Jun Stay at Dwarven city of Kar-Naru. Meet King Thelor
Mon 12th Jun Leave Ardadain
Thu 15th Jun The group stay with the Monks of Crag-Mun for the night.
Sun 18th Jun The Group meet some friendly water-nymphs.
Tue 20th Jun Spend the night with a tribe of Neanderthals.
Wed 21st Jun Enter Rhutalath
Thu 22nd Jun Attacked by bandits. The group defeat them.
Fri 23rd Jun Enter the Troll Fells
Sat 24th Jun Attacked by Troll. There is an essence storm, which changes Grendel's voice and eyes.
Sun 25th Jun Leave the Troll Fells.
Mon 26th Jun Stayed in village of Orodin. Grendel steals money from the inn.
Tue 27th Jun Meet Faegon, the Fairy Dragon.
Wed 28th Jun Enter the Manticore plains
Thu 29th Jun Attacked by Manticore
Fri 30th Jun Leave Manticorelad. Attacked by highwaymen.
Sat 1st Jul The group meet an injured Elf known as Telnar. Give him a horse and sword to escape Fey-Stalkers.
Sun 2nd Jul Reach Gaermas. They part wth Fargol. Grendel and Maree rob the Jewellry store.
Mon 3rd Jul Met with Lawyer. He shows them the house. Grendel finds a letter, describing a treasure. Decide to go to Tol Nole to find out archaic names.
Tue 4th Jul Get boat to Tol nole. Attacked by Inquisitor and Crows. The boat is set alight. They make it to land, and reach the library.
Find out they should head for Omton. The group meet Emperor Theos, whilst on the island. They then get an Elvish boat to Ometon.
Thu 6th Jul Reach Ometon, and retrieve treasure (books). Fight and kill four Inquisitors.
Sat 8th Jul Return to Gaermas
Sun 9th Jul Leave Gaermas, for home, with Jewellery and books.
Wed 12th Jul Enter the Manticore Plains. Grendel loses a horse race to Maree
Thu 13th Jul Attacked by Stormcrows. Grendel and Friends are forced to run (Elestan reluctantly).
Sat 14th Jul Stay at Orodin again.
Sun 16th Jul Fight 2 Fey-Stalkers
Mon 17th Jul Enter Troll Fells.
Fri 21st Jul Explore old Castle Ruins.
Mon 24th Jul Stay with Soldiers in Ardanian outpost.
Wed 26th Jul Find ruins of old Morrim temple. The group scare a strange creature away.
Thu 27th Jul Stay with the Monks again.
Mon 31st Jul Enter Ardadain
Tue 1st Aug Return to city of Kar-Naru. Elestan beats the Dwarves in a drinking contest, and is given a chalice as a reward.
Wed 2nd Aug Stay in the Jolly Ranger inn.
Thu 3rd Aug Grendel kills an Artreloran noble.
Sat 5th Aug Return to Doromir. Zardock has gone.
Sun 6th Aug Bremmy returns to visit. Elestan goes to Gothmarket to get supplies for Karla Mithras.
Mon 7th Aug Terelar returns, with no horn. Zardock is trying to get to the Vale. Grendel, Morandor, Mep, Bremmy and Maree set off to stop him.

The Hunt for the Horns

Thu 24th Aug The group run into Crows. The say the nearest town is Stonegate.
Fri 25th Aug Reach Loeg Cabor. Attacked by Gratar.
Sat 26th Aug Attacked by a giant Gratar, and its minions.
Sun 27th Aug Reached Stonegate. Grendel and Maree robbed another Jewellery store.
Mon 28th Aug Told to seek Valaxus, in the Nevergreen Forest, as he knows where the vale is.
Fri 1st Sep Reach the Nevergreen Forest. Assault Castle Valax. Valxus tells them the Vale is in The Forest of Mists.
Tue 5th Sep Reach the Forest of Mists, and slay the Guardian. Find the Vale, and discover they are too late. Zardock has all the horns. Galana and Rinex tells them to stop him.
Callia the Sylph agrees to lead them to the Moonstone Hills, where Zardock is hiding.
Wed 6th Sep Attacked by Inquisitors. Meet Jose for the first time. He escapes.
Thu 7th Sep Reach Hills. Enter Troglodyte caves, where Zardock is.
Whilst attempting to use the horns, Zardock is dragged into the Demon plains by Kranthrax, along with Morandor. Morandor's last words are "seek Kran!"
Sat 9th Sep Stay at Flumele. Grendel spies on Maree in the bath. Find out where Kran lives.
Sun 10th Sep Guards are suspicious about Grendel's jewellery. The Fellowship head off for Kran's House. Attacked by Jose and his Crows. Jose escapes again.
Mon 11th Sep Enter Manticore Plains again.
Tue 12th Sep Reach Kran's house. he makes them feel welcome. Tells them to seek the Oracle, as he can help them get to Kranthrax.
Kran betrays them. they are captured by Jose, and put to sleep.
Wed 13th Sep Jose is followed by Elestan.
Sun 14th Sep Elestan sneaks on board Jose's ship, at Marid.
Mon 15th Sep Fellowship imprisoned on Tol Goroth. Jose has a dream from God.
Tue 19th Sep Elestan rescues them from Castillo Moraz. Escape with Alyssa, Lamalas, Mirwen and Berelath. Maree is taken by Inquisitors to Kranada.
Wed 20th Sep Plains of Redemption
Thu 21st Sep Reach Kranada. 'Rescue' Maree from temple. She has been converted to the Khanusan faith.
Book passage on the Behemoth. Intercepted by Jose on the Elfsbane, who takes Grendel, Maree, Mep, Bremmy and Elestan, saying he is helping them.
Mon 25th Sep The Elfsbane is attacked by Rhutalathian ship, the Telumehtar. The Elfsbane sinks. The fellowship make it o the coast of Keledrakus.
Reach town of Parthos. Taken by Keros to the Caves of the Oracle.
Tue 26th Sep Enter the caves. Encounter with Kalayon the Dragon. As they reach the Oracle, they are attacked by Demons.
Rescued by Keledrakun Redscales, who capture them and take them to the Dracopolis.
Fri 29th Sep Reach Dracoplois. Queen Dracora says they can only see the oracle if the rescue her seer, Trolos, from Mizania. Trolos is needed to heal the king.
Tue 3rd Oct Land at Keledrakun.Mizanian border. Head for Bull King's palace.
Fri 6th Oct Bump into Mizanian guards.
Sun 8th Oct Spend the night at ruins of an old Manor.
Fri 13th Oct Reach the city of Knossik. Elestan, Mep, Bremmy and Grendel join the Mizanian army in order to enter the palace.
Sat 14th Oct The fellowship complete their tests successfully, and are given their army uniforms. Grendel kisses Maree in celebration. Their final test is to attack an Ardadan tower.
Mon 16th Oct Grendel's birthday (Maree gave him a birthday kiss). The fellowship reach the tower, and attack it. They fight with the guards, as well as Freya and Runk. Runk kills Bremmy. Freya and Runk are killed in the assault. Grendel enters a depression.
Wed 18th Oct Return to Knossik. Enter the palace and rescue Trolos.
Sat 28th Oct Arrive back in Keledrakus. Meet red-scales, who fly them to the palace.
Sun 29th Oct The Dragon's are attacked by Balrogs. The fellowship are grounded. Grendel's depression gets worse, and he starts drinking. Mep has a dream, from Galana, to seek an item in the Dragon's Graveyard.
Tue 31st Oct Mep talks to Grendel, and snaps him out of his depression
They reach the graveyard. Affected by magic. Grendel and Maree kiss again. Mep finds the Green Mask.
Velor, the spirit of the graveyard, gives them the Ring of Olis. Trolos flies them to the palace.
Thu 2nd Nov Reach the palace. Trolos heals the king. Dracora is eternally grateful and gives them all amulets.
Grendel and Maree talk, and they finally get together. they are flown to the Oracle
Sat 4th Nov They reach the Oracle, and are told to seek a spell on the Isle of Urlocia, which will get them to the Demon plane.
Reach city of Kathenia, and try to find a boat. They meet up with Alysaa and her friends, on the Behemoth. They set off for Urlocia.
Mon 6th Nov Reach the Maelstrom. Manage to stop it with magic.
The fellowship retrieve the Book of Elwe from the temple on Urlocia. Grendel grows when he touches it. They escape by boat.
6th-9th Nov Grendel and Jose translate the book. They discover that they need: Troll stone, Ent bark, and the heart of a virgin woman
Thu 9th Nov The Behemoth is attacked by Rhutalathians and Urlocs. Rescued by Galana. The Fellowship enter S.Rhutalath, and Alyssa and her friends continue north.
Got the ingredients, including Tanya, the farmer's daughter. They then performed the ritual. Kranthrax appeareed, but dragged them all into the 6th pale.
the Fellowship rescued Morandor and Zardock, and killed Kranthrax. But Zardock betrayed them. He kipnapped Maree and captured the horns, and sent the Fellowship to the future. Zardock and Maree return to Doromir.
Fri 10th Nov Zardock releases the Demons on Doromir
1999- The Fellowship awaken in the future, as other identities. They meet the future Maree, Mary Aldred. They are all shot, and enter comas.
Sun 12th Nov The last villager is imprisoned in the Manor. Only Karla remains, as she as set up a ward in the Temple.
Wed 15th Nov A host from Bar Nule attacks the Demons. It is defeated.
Sun 19th Nov Demons capture Dudley
Mon 20th Nov Demons capture Grenich
Wed 22nd Nov Rubb Grumm, and a few other citizens, escape from the manor. They retreat to the Temple
Sat 25th Nov A jailbreak, led by Rubb Grumm and the Azeroth's, fails. The Azeroth males are killed.
Thu 30th Nov Maree escapes from the Tower.
Fri 1st Dec
1999-The fellowship awaken in hospital. The fellowship rescue Morandor from prison. They go to Stonehenge, and meet Merlin
Sat 2nd Dec 1999-The fellowship reach Bolton, and meet Lexus. He gives them his sword.
Sun 3rd Dec 1999-The Fellowship hi-jack a plane from Manchester Airport, and fly to the Bermuda Triangle.
Mon 4th Dec The Fellowship re-materialize in their normal time. They meet Maree. They rescue the villages from the manor, and lead them to the Eathnode. On the way, Zardock attacks them, and raises skeletons to fight them.
Grendel goes to the High Temple of Dral, where he gains great powers. Morandor loses his powers.
meanwhile, the rest of the company help protect Gothmarket from the Demons. The Battle of Gothmarket. The battle is won by the Ardanians, as Grendel gets Magog to help. Also, The Doromir host helps.
The fellowship returns to Doromir, and sacks Zardock's Tower. Zardock is killed, and the horns retrieved.
The horns are returnd to the unicorns at the Earthnode. Galana dies, and Mep takes her place as spirit of the Vale.
Tue 5th Dec The rebuilding of Doromir begins, under the leadership of Rubb Grumm
with no leader, the Demons in Grenich and Dudley are easily defeated, and the villages are liberated.
Sat 9th Dec elestan becomes the Cleric of Doromir.
Mon 11th Dec Grendel becomes ruler of Doromir, and moves into Azeroth Manor (renamed to Darkmoon Manor)
Wed 13th Dec Hemlin Brem returns, and finds out about his son.
Fri 15th Dec Jose has another vision, and leaves Doromir


Sat 6th Jan Grendel and Maree visit Mep
Thu 11th Jan Jose becomes the Vale's Guardian
Fri 16th Mar Grendel and Maree are married by Elestan. They are granted the title Baron and Baroness. Elestan is knighted. Mep visits.
Sun 18th Mar Mep returns to the Vale
Thu 22nd Mar Hemlin opens a new inn in Doromir- "The Prince Wilhaet"
Tue 17th Apr Grendel, Maree and Elestan visit Mep. They also see Jose.
Wed 2nd May Alyssa and Lamalas come to Doromir.
Fri 4th May Alyssa goes to the Vale, via the earthnode, to be with Mep.
Mon 14th May Lamalas leaves Doromir, and returns home to Tauron
Wed 16th May Morandor is never seen in the village again

For more information, read the novella: Vale of Light