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SKULLFORT- Situated on the very edge of the Bright Hills, Skullfort is the citadel of Morlas. Built in the traditional style of Ardadain, Skullfort is so called for the giant skulls which are carved into its walls and turrets. Heavily fortified, and defended by four towers (each in the cardinal points), Skullfort is an impressive site. Its dungeons and torture chambers are famous throughout the realm- Morlas is fanatical about torturing those who would harm the Death Queen. Skullfort is located a few leagues west of the town of Zi'ama (Nasaron), which serves as the garrison for his personal Orcs, the Vengeful Fist.

THE THREE TOWERS- Home to the warlord, Gorzan, the Three Towers is situated on the Eastern edge of the Forest of Lore. It is named for the three immense towers which stand atop his citadel, the two flanking towers burning with a dark blue flame which can be seen for miles. The central tower, standing over 600' high, is known as the Tower of Flame, and allows an amazing view of the surrounding realm. Fortified by 6 concentric walls, the Three Towers is a citadel to be feared. Living outside the walls, in a shanty town, are Gorzan's personal orcs, The Claws of the Flame.

THE TEMPLE OF BLOOD- The Temple of Blood is the prime temple for the priests of the Black Fang. The centre of religion in Ilmanor, the temple used to be the Halls of Aether, in the days of Alqador. A large and beautiful complex, the Halls have changed very little since they were abandoned, preserved by the surrounding Earthnode. The dark priests have extended upon the Halls, however, building monstrous images on the walls, and images of the Black Fang. Still a centre of learning, the priests have turned the vast libraries to a dark purpose, interpreting prophecies, and researching dark and deadly magic. The spire of black smoke, from their cremation and sacrificial braziers, can be seen for miles around. Located in the very centre of the Forest of Lore, the Temple of Blood is off-limits to all, except the Kalimar and the Shadowmage himself.

SHRINE OF MISHARI- Located next to the Mishari springs, in the Silent hills, the shrine was once a beautiful temple dedicated to Melina. Nestled in a valley overlooking the springs, the shrine was reknown as a place of miraculous healing. However, since the Scourge the Shrine is now home to a small group of Black Priests, who are studying the water in order to learn the enchantment. The priests are uncomfotable in the presence of the water, and send Orcs to bring samples back.

BRIGHT ACADEMY- Once the central learning establishment for the Alqans, Bright Academy stands ruined and forlorn now. Built upon the Tor of Wisdom (Menala), a large hill, the academy has been untouched for years. Originally, after the Scourge, the Daenorrim attempted to loot the ruins. However, a myriad of magical traps and enchantments forced the surviving Daenorim to abandon their quest, and flee. It is rumoured that all kinds of magical treasures and books are located within its chambers. However, very few people have the courage to check the validity of these rumours. A monument to beautiful architecture and carvings, most of the interior chambers are still intact. The outer walls and the Path of the Wise are still visible, though in various states of disarray.

THE HALLS OF ESSENCE- The Halls of Essence are located in a small valley on the western border of Zar-Mian. Consisting of five tiers, the Halls were once the Capital Citadel of Alqador, being a place for meetings and debates amongst the King and his Senate. The citadel was reknown for its Essence-Sphere, a large magical sphere which floated high above the Halls, and housed the Meeting chambers. Since the Scourge, the sphere has been destroyed, and the Meeting chambers lie smashed and ruined on the valley floor. Shortly after the Scourge, the Halls of Essence were liberated from the Daenorrim by Galen and Grimbold, who wished to use its library. Since then it has served as the home of Grimbold, who has change dits name to Buhr Grimbold. An enchantment cast by Grimbold and Galen means that only those who are permitted will manage to find the location of the Halls. The Daenorrim are very much aware of the location of the Buhr, yet are frustrated with their inability to reach it.

THE OUTFORT- Formerly the ruins of an Alqan castle, The Outfort is the prime base of the Skyrangers. Surrounded by a small copse of pine trees, the Outfort is located in the southern Silent Hills, and extends into a small cave complex. The Outfort can, when necessary, house 400 of the Skyrangers. It is from the Outfort that most of the Skyrangers' mass campaigns are planned. The Outfort is currently ruled by Hrusso One-Eye.

THE SILVER TOWER- The Silver Tower is home to the Feanna. Once a tower belonging to the Aetherlords, the tower is a beautiful structure, towering over the trees. It is constructed from Moon-laen, an Alqan material which shines silver in the moonlight (hence its name). It is located in the Eaves of Tauron, just north of the Elven city of Dian. The Feanna are slowly building a small city around the tower.

THE TEMPLE OF AMELIA- Built into the sides of the Hill of Consummation, the Temple was the capital of the Alqan Religion in bygone days. Still serving as the Bringers' main temple, Amelia is the home of the High Priestess and her consort, as well as a hundred or so high-ranking Bringers. The temple extends deep underground, into the holy town of Amelia, where hundreds more Bringers live, and their followers. The temple proper however is the Hill of Consummation, and the chambers and caves inside it. Atop the hill is a large statue of Melina, as well as a circle of stones where weddings take place. The temple proper was destroyed a few years ago by the Death Queen, following her liason with Lexus. The Bringers are repairing the damage, and cleansing the taint, but in the meanwhile they have relocated to the Temple of Mishara, a temporary capital.



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THE TEMPLE OF MISHARA- Located on the shore of lake Mishara, this beautiful temple, carved from pink quartz, is currently the main temple in the grottoes. Since the destruction of the Hill of Consummation, The High Priestess has moved most of the Holy Regalia to this temple, which is reknown as a Sacred Site (mainly due to the Lake of Mishara, which is the source of the Healing Springs of the Overrealm). A large statue of Mishari, spirit of the Love of the Goddess, stand admist the lake.

THE SHADOW BARRIER- The Shadow Barrier is a giant pair of eog gates, erected at the south end of the Canyon of Light. Carved with swans and enchanted with spells of Unopening, the Barrier's purpose is to seperate the grottoes from the Warrens of Daenor. The gates are always defended by four Mage-seekers, who are trained to reinforce the Barrier, should the need arise. The Orcs, in truth, avoid the doors, which they believe to be one of the Nine Entrances to Hell.

THE RUINS OF KALHALA- This abandoned fortress, one of many ruined grotto-forts scattered throughout the Netherrealm, is located in the center of one of the Great Caverns. Its origin is unknown, and predates the coming of the Angolians. The ruins have been completely explored and mapped out, but very little of any worth has been uncovered, save for strange writings which the Sages and Mage-Seekers are unable to translate. The Ilman believe them to have once belonged to a mysterious race called the Urloc, or to some strange Morrim cult.

As already stated, there are many of these fortresses scattered throughout the Grottoes. Not all have been explored, and many may possess lost treasures (and traps, of course). The Ilman generally avoid these locations, however, content to leave their mysteries to the Sages and other wisemen.