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Companions of the Heart


Symbol- A black lion on a golden field.
Skills- The Ironclaws  get the following skills (note: must forsake 50% DP):

Skill Ranks
Primary Weapon 4
Missile Weapon 4
1 Combat Skill 2
Chain Armour 5
Ride (Horse) 5
One Lore Skill 5

The Ironclaws are the greatest of the Knights of the Lion, and have earned a place as the King's Guard. They currently number less than 30, as only the most skilled and loyal of the Lions gain the Mantle. The Mantle is a lion cloak awarded to all those who the king chooses. Usually, an ironclaw is only chosen to replace those slain. When an Ironclaw ascends to the Mantle, he gives up his property, and moves to the palace. There, he is trained by Canus, the King's Vizier, in the way of lore and magic, and by Prince Argus VI. Each knight chooses a topic of study, and learns the lore well.

An Ironclaw is frequently sent away on important missions, as diplomats, or slayers of dangerous beast. In battle, they form the King's bodyguards, and fight side by side with him. Every month, those Ironclaws who are in the area are suymmoned to the Council of the Heart, which consists of the King, the Vizier, and the Ironclaws. They exchange stories, feast, and analyse potential threats to the kingdom.

30% of the Ironclaws possess a Paladin spell-list.