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Originally built in 630 5E as a stopping point for traders along the River Nel (Now known as Gwil), Terrunal quickly grew to become a large trading settlement. Its walls have expanded greatly now, and it is one of the largest cities in Rhutalath. Not surprisingly, it quickly became the seat of power in the county of Isana. Since the civil war, and the Sundering, Terrunal has become the principal defence against the forces of S. Rhutalath. Now a strong military presence occupies the city, and it is more a fortified town than a market centre. The palace of Nalor Del Ara is located here.


A great arena has stood on the site since 968. A village sprang up around it about fifty years later, in order to support the employees, contestants and audiences. The inn, The Matador, was the first inn built. The village has since then reached town proportions.


Built in 873 to help trade and passage between King's Isle and Isana before the Sundering. Now serves as a haven for Isana's navy.


Founded by Mad Captain Gort Dali in 790. Gort's Regal Boar set sail from Nurn in 790 on a mission of exploration and colonization. The ship was caught in a storm, and was shipwrecked on the present site of Dali. Dali, thinking this was a new land, founded the colony of Dali there.


Founded in 615, this was the first town built in Isana. It was founded by Lord Larka Isan, and served as the seat of power until 730, when it was moved to Terrunal.


Originally the biggest cathedral in Isana stood here, built in 1003. A market was quickly established to serve the clergy, and a town evolved.


The northernmost town of Isana, Linule was built in 703 as a meeting place for the Kuzaki Dwarves, in order to exchange goods.


Originally a Morrim village ruled by Hruz Lamefoot, the village accepted Rhutalathian rule in 630. Since then, Rhutalathians have helped populate the town.



Type: Castle
Symbol: The Isanian symbol: A yellow rose on a red field.
Origin: Built in 650 as a defence against the Morrim. it marks Isana's (and Rhutalath's) westernmost border.
Military: 500
Population: 650
Ruler: Sir Grul Diena, a knight and a commander in the Isanian army.

Type: Fortress
Symbol: The Isanian symbol: A yellow rose on a red field.
Origin: Built in 700 as a guard, in case the Dwarves made war. The many years of peace have meant it is undermanned. It now serves as a home for miners and gold prospectors, as well as a meeting place for Dwarven and Rhutalathian diplomats.
Military: 200
Population: 105
Ruler: Captain Dern Linule

Type: Fortress
Symbol: A black Raven on a red field- the symbol of the Inquisition.
Origin: Built in 1228. Its purpose is to keep people out of the forest, and analyse the frequent magical occurances. The Inquisitors who live there have found nothing up to yet, being unable to find the rumoured 'Unicorn's Vale.' They call the forest 'Demonwood.' Despite its presence in Tyari Tereg, the Fortress is considered under Isanian Jurisdiction.
Military: 10 Inquisitors, 115 Storm Crows.
Population: 40 (includes cooks and servants).
Ruler: High Inquisitor Rogar Del Dana. His second is Jose El Norid

Type: Fortress
Symbol: The Isanian symbol: A yellow rose on a red field.
Origin: Built in 950, this fortress defends the border of Rhutalath against incursions from the south.
Military: 700
Population: 300
Ruler: Commander Hrun Mordred of the Isanian army.

Type: Ruins
Symbol: A broken trident (symbol of the Nar'ala tribe)
Origin: A ziggurat built in the fourth era by the Morrim. It was abandoned in 65 5E, and has since fallen into disrepair.
Population: 500 Gratar
Ruler: Blar'rit, A High Grata of the Nar'ala.

Type: Ruins
Symbol: none
Origin: Remains of a Morrim palace, constructed in the fourth age. It was abandoned in 590 5E, when he inhabitants were forced out by the Rhutalathians. Reputed to be haunted.
Population: None

Type: City
Symbol: A broken trident (symbol of the Nar'ala tribe)
Origin: Built by the Nar'ala in 45 5E
Population: 9000
Inhabitants: 100% Gratar
Ruler: Dran'ssa, Chief of the Nar'ala tribe

Type: Town
Symbol: A broken trident (symbol of the Nar'ala tribe)
Origin: Built by the Nar'ala in 250 5E
Population: 2900
Inhabitants: 100% Gratar
Ruler: Gra'an'an, a high Grata of the Nar'ala tribe

Type: Castle
Symbol: A yellow eye on a red field.
Origin: Built in 1001 by Valaxus, a gnome from Ilmanor, as a station for his genetic experiments. Some of the creatures he created are very prone to light, and Valaxus has been forced to alter the forest to protect them. Valaxus can sense the presence of Inquisitors, and is able to hide the castle from them, via illusions. Valaxus' power is so great, he can mask his taint from all but the most powerful Inquisitors. (see GEOGRAPHY).
Population: 60
Inhabitants: Vulfen, + 1 gnome.
Ruler: Valaxus