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Isana is a rich and fertile Duchy, lying in the triangle between the Duinon, Gwil and Casar rivers. It is one of the richest counties in Rhutalath, in part due to the proximity of the Dwarven trading partners, and also due to amount of money invested in the region by the king. It is important that the county stays well-supplied, because of its strategic location. Due to its frontier status, Isana has the largest standing army of all the counties, save Denara. It also has the largest navy. The military must be on constant guard against the Morrim from the Wildlands, as well as other visitors. In addition, Isana is in charge of overseeing the peace in Gar-Gwil. It is the first line of defence against any attacks from Keledrakus. As a result of this, the inhabitants of Isana are a little more somber than most, constantly reminded of the possibilities of war. However, they are also the most tolerant, and least wary. Travellers abound from all over Pacifica, from Ardadain, The Wildlands, Salasia, Kazad-Ar, Mizania, and many others. As such, the natives encounter many different cultures and religions. This tends to make them less pious (though they're still devout in their convictions). and though they despise magic, they see it a lot more often than they'd like, and are less fearful of it. The lands are blessed with a variety of plant and animal life. In addition, many strange creatures inhabit the area. Dryads in the Taur Isa, Gratar in the Loeg Cabor and Unicorns in The Forest of Mists. These, in addition to their position, keep the Isanians on their toes.

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Type: Duchy / County

Symbol: Yellow rose on a red field
Capital: Terrunel
Population: 327, 000
Inhabitants: Mainly Rhutalathian. Some Morrim.

Major Exports:
Peat (Loeg Cabor) to Tyari Tereg
Spices (Loeg Cabor) to Ardadain.

Other Exports:
Blackwood (Taur Ugalen) to Kazad-Ar

Major Imports:
Iron from Kazad-Ar and Ered Glos.
Gold from Kazad-Ar

Other Imports:
Chalk from Tyari Tereg (Troll Downs)
Wine from Toltoluine

Military: Lead by General Garl Krem

Knights 210
Cavalry 2,000
Warriors 5,800
Archers 3,200
Whiteguard 25
Levy 30,000
Galleons 56

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