Jose El Norid

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OTHER NAMES: Father Jose, Brother Jose, The Guardian.

HOME: Originally Tufil, Rhutalath, now The Forest of Mists.

BORN: 2nd August, 1450

AGE: 25


RACE: Rhutalathian

PROFESSION: Inquisitor

Strength 94
Quickness 90
Presence 100
Intuition 90
Empathy 70
Constitution 95
Agility 84
Self-Discipline 68
Memory 90
Reasoning 70
Appearance 71


Weapon : Longsword 152
Weapon: Dagger 143
Power Perception 101
Religion: Khanusan 96
Intimidation 71
Channeling 83
History: Rhutalath 110
Faerie Lore 108
First Aid 81
Administration 75
Leadership 102
Public-Speaking 102
Duping 99
Lie Perception 91
Torture 85
Painting 98
MIA: Chain 108
Riding 70
Demon Lore 68
Poison Perception 72
Transcend Armour 50
Presence Projection 79
Interrogation 59
Astronomy 64
Diplomacy 73
Music 62


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LANGUAGES: Rhutalathian 7, Ardanian 7, Parzifan 7

PP: 102 HITS: 149

AT: 2 DB: 10

SPECIAL: Guardian of Vale: Jose is aware of anything which moves in the Forest of Mists, and their motive. He gains a +45 to all combat when defending the Vale.


Sword of St. Pablos- +30 holy longsword. x2 damage. Does slaying criticals on any follower of Balzot. Minor Artifact.

Armour of Mists- Taken from the previous Guardian. Full Plate armour made from Lasalang. AT 20, encumbers as AT 10. +20 DB. +50 RR to all Essence Attacks.

BACKGROUND:  Jose was born in Tufil, Rhutalath, on the 2nd August, 1450. His father, Pedro, owned a farm on the outskirts of Tufil, along with his wife, Dian. Ever since he was a boy, Jose was plagued with images, and voices in his mind. At first he kept these to himself, but as he became older, he began to go into trances, and utter strange words. His parents, alarmed, took him to the local church, fearing he was possessed. The bishop told them he was receiving visions from God, and was blessed. At the age of eight, Jose was sent to a monastary near Peryl, to learn all about Khanus, and make sense of his visions. It was then he realized his visions were telling him to devote his life to God. Jose joined the church of Fufil at the age of 15, where he quickly rose to priest. At the age of twenty he joined the Inquisition, choosing to spread the word of his Lord in a more dynamic fashion.

Jose was stationed in The Forest of mists, where he monitored magical activity. It was whilst here that he observed the Fellowship of the Horns. Intrigued, he followed them. After discovering they were magic users, he decided to capture them. Using Kran, Morandor’s brother, he set a trap for them, and shipped them off to Tol Goroth.

That night, Jose had a dream. His god came to him, and told him he was to help the Fellowship. At first, he assumed it was just a pointless dream, and meant nothing, but then he found a silver sword at the foot of his bed- The sword of Saint Pablos. Jose knew that he had been visited by Khanus himself. Jose helped the companions escape off the island, and joined them in their quest. At first there was a lot of animosity between them, but a friendship began to develop.

After the completion of the quest, Jose received another vision. He left Doromir, and returned to the Forest of Mists. There he assumed the role of The Guardian, a position left empty since Grendel and his friends had killed the last one.

Jose is a sullen man, secure in his faith, yet now disillusioned by the Inquisitors’ ways. He has learned that not all magic is evil, and not all Elves are the off-spring of the Devil.