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Kalham Mabb is the current high chief of the Belestar Ursani, and lives in the town of Meric. Kalham is a popular man, despite his young age, and has dedicated his reign to trying to capture more land for the Ursani. He is a vicious fighter, and collects the heads of his opponents, which line the walls of The Burg.

Kalham is shrewd, a trait which other Ursani respect. He has recently made a deal with High Marshal Gabrielle, of the Elf-Death in Rhutalath. Kalham has agreed to allow the Elf-Death to pass through his territory unhindered during their search for Elves, and also to help hunt them. He has also promised to help protect the Rhutalathian border. In return, Gabrielle has promised them half of all territory gained from the Elves, as well as frequent trade (particularly, beer). Neither side trusts the other much, but for now they enjoy a mutual pact.

Mabb also required a further thing from the alliance; Gabrielle gave him a collection of bonds (Khanlos) which the Inquisition usually use to restrain magicians. Mabb has put them to good use, and started his own harem; he has a collection of eleven Vultani girls, two Imperials and, his pride and joy, an elf woman, all restrained and under his control. He also has acquired a few Vultani and imperial males who he uses as slaves. Mabb has recently applied for more of the bonds, to enlarge his harem and slaves. Gabrielle has refused unless Mabb is willing to part with Myliana, his Elven price. So far Mabb has refused.

Mabb has also taken Kariadni, Horsatia’s sister, under his wing; he has set her up in her own house, and is using her to discover Vultani secrets.

Mabb is a short but stout man, reaching 5’7. He has black hair, which is braided with the finger bones of Vultani warriors.