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Summoned from the Abyss by the Death Queen, Kalimar has been a thorn in the side of the Free Peoples for centuries. A leader of one of the Death Queen's hosts in the War of Souls, He was responsible for the destruction of many nations of man. Following the Death Queen's demise at the hands of Kuros, Kalimar fled to Iaur Angudum, there to become second-in command to Rosh'gar, the Queen's general.

Following the Queen's reawakening, Rosh'gar sent Kalimar east to serve her, and prove his loyalty. Kalimar was immediately placed in charge of the troops of Vancumar, and lead many excursions against the lands of Ardadain, Fornarda and Alqador. Amongst his prizes are the skulls of three Ardanian kings, and four Malidoran.

As the War effort shifted from Vancumar to Daenor, Kalimar was sent to serve the Shadowmage. He is currently the Overlord in charge of the Daenorrim host in the Territories, and is amassing a huge horde to send against the Malidorans. He is currently garrisoned in The North Forest, where his thousands of minions practice their killing and slaughtering.

Kalimar is a fearsome creature, intelligent but inhuman. He lacks any morals or regard for life, living only to serve the Death Queen, and enforce her rule on all others. Utterly loyal, Kalimar is one of the Queen's most valued servants. Since Her death, he has vowed revenge on all the Free people's, and shifted his service entirely to the Shadowmage.