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Name: Kalina
Other Names: One of the Sharyar, Disciple of Lexus
Home: Elamar, in Olympie
'Born:' 26th March, 1472
Died: 26th July, 1472
Age at Death: 2 months (as a Sharyar)
Level: 12
Race: Sharya
Profession: Healer/ Paladin

Strength 96
Quickness 84
Presence 100
Intuition 100
Empathy 98
Constitution 88
Agility 89
Self-Discipline 78
Memory 78
Reasoning 65
Appearance 101


Weapon : Longsword 121
Weapon: Longbow 135
MIA: Chain 107
Sniping 103
Find Weakness1 61
Channeling 183
Appraisal 57
Flying/ Gliding 109
MA: Strikes III 101
Meditation: Cleansing 43
Power Projection 40
Animal Healing 35
Fletching 50
Poison Lore 55
Trap-Building 25


All Paladin Lists
All Healer Lists
Light Law- 50th Level
Invisible Ways- 50th Level
Spirit Mastery- 50th Level
Starlights- 50th Level
Protections- 50th Level
All Open Channeling Lists
Varda’s Powers (Channeling)- 50th Level
Magic Arrow (Essence)- 50th Level


LANGUAGES: Sharya 7, Ardanian 7, Parzifan 7

PP: 145 HITS: 162

AT: 14 DB: 40


SPECIAL: Sharya: Can fly. All strikes are Holy. Can Manipulate the spells on Varda’s List at will, no PPs needed.

Quick Temper- As the Background Option.

Once a day Kalina can create an intense light around herself (20’ radius). All in the area must make an RR or take a C Radiation critical and an A Shock.



Sharya Blade- +25 holy longsword. x3 damage. Does slaying criticals on any follower of Balzot. +5 Spell Adder, x2 PP. Does Additional Electrical Criticals. Artifact.

Bow of Light- Arrow of light is created when string is drawn- endless supply. Each Arrow is slaying and holy, and does additional Electrical and Impact criticals of –2 severity. Bow is +25. Artifact.


BACKGROUND: Kalina was once known as Herufara, who was an Argani Lady who resided at Tol Nole. Little is known of her background- but she met a tragic end. Herufara accompanied the Quest for the Sword for a time, all the way to Larador. Whilst there, a cursed sword took a grip on Valkrist’s mind, and he slew her, along with her friend Bethin- and his longtime companion Jempo.

When Eleniel transformed Jempo into Lexus, and resurrected him, she also changed Herufara and Bethin. They became his Sharya, great angelic beings of Light, who were to act as his guards and disciples. Kalina and Sindara, as they became known, travelled with Lexus every where, and were present when he slew the Balrog in the great Caverns.

Kalina ‘died’ whilst defending Lexus in Ardadain, slain by a war-troll. No Sharya can be killed forever though, and her spirit is currently gathering strength in the Halls of Eleniel. Soon, she will return to Gaiana to help spread the Grace of Eleniel.....