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Royal Soldier

Kanora is the largest of the counties of Rhutalath, and serves as the capital of the entire Kingdom. Kanora was, at one point, two seperate counties; Aldara and Denara. Following the Usurper’s rise to power, Aldara was renamed Kanora, after their new-found God. Denara, which protested, was quickly subdued and added to the Kanora state.

Kanora is known as the Royal State, or Home County. It represents the oldest part of Rhutalath, and the first to have been converted to Khanusan. Comprising mainly of two vast wide plains, the scenery is broken only by the few rivers and occasional forests. It is heavily fortified, and home to several thousand soldiers. As well as the presence of the king, the state also share borders with the hostile Daenor, and so a large military presence is necessary. Daenor, in the last few centuries, has become a greater enemy to the Rhutalathians than Keldrakus or Edhelnore ever were.

Despite the merging of Aldara and Denara, a clear cultural division is still observant in the eastern and western halves of the state. The western Denerans are less pious, and more dedicated to the former monarchy, and tell stories of the Righteous King’s return. The western Aldarans are zealous and dedicated to both Khanusan and the new Sovereignity. Despite these cultural differences, the two sides both consider themselves Kanorans, and are fiercely patriotic. The Denarans are no longer openly rebellious, nowadays directing their aggressiveness towards the Daenorrim.

Unlike the lesser counties, Kanora does not possess its own duchy militia. Instead, the home county is home to the Royal Army, the national defense of all of Rhutalath.

Type: Sovereign State

Symbol: A black eagle on a red field.
Capital: Ost-Firir
Population: 400,000
Inhabitants: Rhutalathian

Major Exports:
Soldiers and arms to the rest of Rhutalath

Major Imports:
Food from Tauron and Cymria

Military: Led by The Sovereign

Knights 350
Royal Cavalry 6,000
Royal Soldiers 12,000
Archers 3,000
Whiteguard 150
Redguard 3,000
Conquistidores 2,000
Levy 200,000
Galleons 25

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