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Lord Keasa is the Regent in charge of Zar-Eaza, the Rhutalathian front. Originally from Keledrakus, Keasa was seduced centuries ago into the service of the Shadow-Mage. Once the youngest prince of the royal family, and leader of the Blackhorn Drakes, he was promised great power and immortality, as well as the throne of Keledrakus if he turned his forces to the Shadow-Mage. Accepting, Keasa turned his drake squadron on the Royal palace, killing the king, the heir and hundreds of men. Claiming the country as his own, he married the queen (his mother), and allied Keledrakus with Daenor. This was short-lived however, and soon a rebellion started, and assaulted the Palace. His army and dragon squadron destroyed, Keasa fled the land, going north to join the Shadow-Mage.

Keasa was tortured and punished for his failure, yet he was recognized as a great tactician by Zaria, despite his failures, and placed as a Captain in charge of the Rhutalathian Defense. His undying hatred of the Rhutalathians was further incentive. After many victories against the Rhutalathians, he was made a Lord, and given the land as his own to rule.

Keasa is a cruel and ambitious lord. his undying hatred of the Rhutalathians has led him to many bloody massacres upon the Rhutalathians. The Shadow-Mage is happy to entertain the Keledrakun's animosity, providing it does not lead to unnecessary mistakes. Keasa hopes that when Rhutalath falls, he is placed as Soverign-Ruler of the territory.

Ruling from Drake-Hall, in the Loeg Hithui, Keasa has gathered a sizable harem of Rhutalathian girls, who he kills at a whim, and replaces easily. His price so far is the daughter of the Duke of Isana, who he takes great pleasure in molesting and torturing. His other companion is Deius, his Black Dragon companion, whom he uses to assault and harass the Rhutalathians.