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of Myrdrak

SYMBOL-A black raven, in a golden ring, on a red background.

Vlad von Keidrich, Count of Myrdrak
The origin of Vlad is uncertain. He appeared at Castle Myrdrak thirteen years ago, following the death of Count Malrich D'Allor during the assault on Firnor. It is uncertain how he became Count- most rumours say he bewitched Countess D'Allor. Either way, less than a month later he was married to her only child, Lady Isabelle. A week later, Lady D'Allor stepped down as Countess, and gave her titles to Vlad and Isabelle.

Unbeknownst to most of the populace, Vlad is a great vampire, sent by Mausolus to establish a permanent foothold in Crebainia. Vlad turned Countess D'Allor into a vampire, followed swiftly by Isabelle. Despite this, Vlad truley loves Isabelle. He has gained much popularity in recent years, as his armies have defeated many of the undead who are roaming the landscape. Due to his Vampiric nature, most undead are unwilling to attack him, and Mausolus usually feigns their defeat. Vlad's plan is simple- slowly turn the entire nobility into Vampires, as well as the monarchy. Slowly, the realm of Crebainia will fall under Mausolus' control. Vlad is very subtle in his actions, and his plan goes unsuspected.

RACE- Vampire
AGE- 211
PROFESSION- Necromancer

Isabelle von Keidrich
The sole offspring of the D'Allor family, Isabelle was destined to rule the land of Myrdrak. It was at her insistance that Vlad was allowed in the castle. Upon first sight of Vlad, Isabelle knew she was in love. She pleaded with her mother, and when she refused, she snook him into the house. Upon discovering that Vlad was a vampire, she insisted on being turned. That was Vlad's intention anyway, but Isabelle's willingness delighted him. Isabelle had always been interested in the Occult arts, and had studied Lycanthropy, and shape-shifting. she had always dreamed of power.

Upon becoming a vampire, Isabelle's dream was realized. Additionally, the evil which came with the form has increased her ambitions. She longs to rule the counntry, and often over-steps the mark. Vlad constantly has to keep her on track, to stop their subtle mechanitions being discovered.

RACE- Vampire
AGE- 30
PROFESSION- Doppleganger

Lady Krystelle D'Allor
Born to Pere du Mont, a Malidoran noble, Krystelle was an unloved child. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father had always blamed her. When Malrich asked for her hand, her father rejoiced; Myrdrak was a rich county, and far enough away so that Krystelle would be out of his sight. At the age of 15 she married Malrich, and moved to Crebainia, a rarity amongst the Malidorians, who feared the land. Krystelle ruled Myrdrak well, combining ruthless ness with her husbands compassion. Malrich was away often, at the king's court, and she was frequntly left in charge. Krystelle was a popular Countes, but also feared. Unknown to her husband, she established a group known as the Red Talon, which was dedicated to rooting out the Count's opponents, and assassinating anyone who grew too powerful.

Upon becoming a Vampire, the Red Talon have been utilized for Vlad's plans, and a number of their members are already vampires. The Vampires in the group are used to change all those who are in positions of power. Vlad finds both her popularity and her advice useflu, and keeps her around. Krystelle plots to put herself on the Royal Throne, and assassinate Vlad. But for now, his goals follow the same path as his, and she is willing to aid him.

RACE- Vampire
AGE- 49