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The Kelvani (Satyrs, or Fauns) live in the forest of Taur Neldori. Most live small huts which they construct out of wood, or in caves. They are sociable creatures, though their numbers have dwindled in the last few centuries. Like the Aldawende they are spirits of nature and were created at the birth of Gaiana.

The Satyrs possess the hind-legs of a horse, and goat horns which sprout from their head above their pointed ears. They are very merry, and enjoy feasts and parties. Their two loves are music and women. They play the pan-pipes above all, and are so skilled the often get invited to feasts at the Elven courts to play. Many wander the land playing for pleasure.

Unlike the Dryads, the Satyrs have no direct connection with nature, though they have a love for all animals. As such, they tend to wander, and take great pleasure in the company of the Elves. When invited to Elvish feasts, they spend their time playing tunes, and seducing Elvish ladies, who they find very desirable.

Although there are few Kelvani left (though they are happy to reproduce with Elven maidens), they still throw forest feasts at nights, with a plethora of fruit and vegetables, warm fires, and lots of dancing and pipe-playing. Any mortal or immortal is welcome at their feasts, and will be invited- but ladies beware!




ST: 5

CO: 10

QU: 10

AG: 10

PR: 5

SD: -15

IN: 10

ME: -5

EM: 10

RE: -5

LU: 10

APP: 5



Fauna Law 5

Region Lore: Forest 5

Fey Lore 4

Nature Awareness 3

Play panpipes 6

Dancing 3

Stalk/Hide 2

Seduction 3

Play Instrument 1

Beastmastery 4

Language: Elvish 6

Language: Common 4

Background Pts. 40

Special- All get 15% of original DP's to spend, in addition to the above.