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Duke Norl Kemlar Duchess Sharla Kemlar



Norl inherited the Duchy when his father was assassinated by the Enlightened. He was 21 at the time. Norl had no love for his father, and is actually grateful to the Enlightened. However, he has a deep hatred of anything Elvish, and so the Enlightened receive nothing but death from him.

Norl is a harsh ruler, and unpopular with the masses. The poverty of his duchy has forced him to continually raise taxes. The taxes in Mantos are some of the heaviest in Iaurdor. Not surprisingly, this has made him many enemies. The Enlightened use this as an excuse to overthrow him, like his father, but he has survived three assassination attempts so far. Norl is actually running a small crime syndicate. He has established a thieves guild, located in both Wiry and Kell. These rob the populace, giving most of their earnings to Norl. This is a highly secretive organization, and if other nobles, or his subjects, found out, he would be disposed immediately. The guild members act as bandits, waylaying travellers on the roads near Kell and Wila.

Norl is a robust man, of small stature (5'6"). He is bald, and has no facial hair. Norl has no heir, since his son, Markan, was killed in the Forest of Tut, whilst trying to train a Manticore.



A woman from distant Pernia, Sharla is a beautiful woman. She was the daughter of a diplomat sent from Pernia, and Norl became besotted with her instantly. Sharla married him, contrary to her father's wishes. Her father was poor, and Sharla wanted the high life. Her brother, Salam, also came with her. His superior fighting skills helped him quickly gain the rank of General, and earn the public's respect.

Unlike her brother, Sharla is unpopular with the people. She is a money-grabber, and the Mantosians feel their taxes are going to her, to spend at her leisure. There is truth in this, as norl will do anything to make her happy. Sharla has been baptized by the Inquisition, ensuring her heathen beliefs aren't brought to the duchy. Like her brother, she is a ruthless tactician, and it was her idea to set up the thieves guild in order to increase income. Her next project is to stamp out the Enlightened.

Sharla is tall (5'9"), with long, black hair. She has large brown eyes, and is always clad in jewelry.