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Stinu is less of a city, and more of a giant port. When the Wavemistress is docked, most of the Tribe Ships are here. It serves as the cultural and economic centre for the Kerin’thia, and there are over 100 large docks in the great bay. When all city-ships are here, the sight is spectacular. There are a few buildings here, constructed from wood. One is the Wavemistresses palace (though this is rarely used). Others include granaries and small buildings for the mannish visiotrs and Kerin’thia hunters. Although considered a city by Kerin’thia standards, it is little more than a small mannish town.


Kerin was originally the home of the first tribe which took to the sea, and has a legacy of fine ship-building associated with it. As such, it now serves as the main ship-yard for the construction and repair of ships, and its shores are dotted with timber-mills, foundries and warehouses. Its great docks are sometimes a mile long, and it has many drydocks for hasty repairs. Naturally there are plenty of inns here for those sea-folk waiting for their ships to be repaired.


Located in the eaves of the Glin Forest, Elios is a religious centre for the Kerin’thia. The only mainland temple they possess is located here. Although the Kerin’thia have no official priesthood, captains are expected to make a pilgrimage here at least once a year to thank Kirini for the ample bounty of the woods. The temple and a few inns are maintained by those men with no trade, or those who, for one reason or another, dislike sea-travel.