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The Isle of Kerin is the official home of the Kerin’thia. Although they claim allegiance to no land, instead considering their ships as home, Kerin was the land in which the Kerin’thia once lived, before taking to the seas. A beautiful and lush island, surrounded by many small islets, the majority of the land is covered in a thick lush forest, which supplies the Kerin-folk with a ready source of timber. The Kerin’thia are careful to maintain the forests which give them life- they take only wood which is needed, and re-plant any trees which they fell. The forests are also the main source of food for the Kerin’thia, and they carefully nurture both fruit trees and wild-life, to maintain that supply.

There a no towns as such on Kerin. Although once, before the Kerin’thia became a sea-faring culture, there were small villages- now these villages operate mainly as vast ports, each village being the home to a certain tribe. The only exception to this is the large port of Stinu, which is where the Wavemistress takes port, and where the Soverign-Ship is docked. This town also contains a few building, used mainly for gatherings of tribes, when it is inconvenient to meet on the ships. There are also granaries, for food, and spare buildings for the few visitors the Kerin’thia allow on the island. Although Kerin is not officially off-limits, the Kerin’thia try to discourage visitors, who they believe will ruin their fragile ecology, and probably cause trouble. There is no need to visit the island, they maintain, as any trade can be conducted on their city-ships.

Type: Tribal state

Symbol: Varies, depending on the tribe
Capital: Stinu/ The Soverign Ship.
Population: 10,200
Inhabitants: all Kerin’thia

Major Exports:
Kerin’thian art and fine works.

Major Imports:
Food and iron.

Military: Lead mainly by the High Kraken.

Sea-Wolves 4,000
Levy Marines 4,000
City Ships 26