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OTHER NAMES: Lord Kilmarien

HOME: Originally the Six-Spires, then the Black Tower.

BORN: 6th October, 1281

AGE: 194


RACE: Shaiyana

PROFESSION: Nightblade

Strength 85
Quickness 100
Presence 96
Intuition 94
Empathy 48
Constitution 82
Agility 97
Self-Discipline 97
Memory 79
Reasoning 100
Appearance 78


Weapon : Longsword 98
Weapon: Dagger 98
AM: Balance 108
AM: Landing 110
AM: Leaping 110
Ambush 115
Climbing 117
Disarm Trap 77
Perception 75
Pick Locks 80
Stalk/ Hide 66
Acrobatics 116
Contortions 98
Demon Lore 78
Detect Traps 63
Meditation: Sleep 73
Poison Lore 80
Sense Ambush/ Assassination 77
Set Traps 117
Silent Kill 116
Symbol Lore 80
Use/ Remove Poison 122
Taunting 67
Leadership 89
Religion: Balzot 82
Seduction 77


All Nighblade Lists

LANGUAGES: Parzifan 7, Ziflas (Black Speech) 7, Shaiyan 7

PP: 90 HITS: 114

AT: 2 DB: 35


Lo’Rashi of Rian- This dagger (Lo’Rashi) once belonged Rian Nightfox, the fabled assassin. Poison is inserted into the hilt, and flows down both blades, coating it completely.

It does two critcals, rather than one.

Sabre of Ungoloka- This +20 Longsword was forged in the pits of Drowzora for Ungoloka, the Spider-Goddess. The sword shoots black tendrils of web up to 50', 3 times a day. These webs can be controlled in the first round. The sword does x2 Damage. Of black Eog. Never breaks.


BACKGROUND: Kilmarien was born in 1281, in the Dark Elf city of the Six-Spires. He was the son of the noblewoman, Zimanika and her husband Daehir. Kilmarien was raised within the court of Zulmar, and often visited the Jaded Halls with his mother. From an early age he was exposed to the intricacies and politics of the Dark Elf court.

Kilmarien spent his childhood as a sneak- he often stalked around the city, hiding in the chambers of high politicians, and learning secrets. He became an excellent blackmailer, and gained a small network of spies and people who owed him favours. He put these to good use, helping his family obtain power. Soon Zimanika almost rivalled Queen Karmella, and many of the queen’s supporters turned their loyalties towards Kilmarien’s family. A minor war broke out between the factions, not uncommon in the Six-Spires. Fearing for her son’s safety, she sent him southwards to Vancumar.

At first he was given residence with Sael'masa, the Death-queen’s son. Sael’masa hated the Elf from the start, as he seemed physically weak and, more importantly, seemed to know too much about everything. He would’ve had him executed, yet he had to keep him alive in case Zimanika became the next queen of the Six-Spires. The Six-Spires was a formidable ally, and one not to be lost. Sael’masa, fearing Kilmarien’s cunning and political savvy, sent him to the Shadowfyre, to be a priest. Kilmarien had some magical ability, and no doubt the priests would appreciate him more.

Yet Kilmarien cared little for the worship of the dark priests, and was anything but fanatical. The Shadowfyre grew impatient with him, and he was doomed to be a Brother for the rest of his life. Yet Kilmarien is ambitious, and he forged evidence to get a high member of the Priesthood executed for treason. He did this again, and again. Also, he developed strong political links, as he had done at home. Eventually, their were many vacancies within the ranks of the Shadowfyre, and many of the higher-ranking priests owed him favours and offered to vote him in.

This didn’t last. The High Priest, Kuzwana, both admired Kilmarien’s ruthlessness, and feared his ambitious. He banished Kilmarien from the priesthood, sending him back to the Black Tower. Sael’masa, still fearing the Dark Elf, would have had him killed, despite any political ramifications. Yet an unlikely saviour stepped in- the Death Queen herself. One of her Sinners had kept a close eye on Kilmarien, and she decided he was very useful. She took him as a spymaster and an advisor. Kilmarien rose through the ranks quickly, becoming one of her most advisors. He developed a large network of eyes, which stretched even to the deep south of Miredor. Not all of his contacts were known about by the Death-Queen, and many began to whisper that he had too much power.

Yet Kilmarien was loyal to his Queen. When she was killed and Sael’masa ascended the Dark Throne, he stole away from the tower with her daughter Shinkara, to protect her from the ruthless king. His parents had been killed as traitors at the Six-Spires, and he found himself alone, without a purpose. But Kilmarien is ambitious and cunning, and he has no doubt that power is just around the corner........