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King Kimlaz, son of Gralin, descendant of Kuzak gold-Helm, ascended the throne of Dwarron thirty years ago, after his father died from over-drinking. Prior to his reign, Kimlaz was both a smith and a general, working in the deepest mines of Kazad-Ar. As general he managed to repel many underground Orcish attacks, and made his name in the famous battle of Mithril Deep, where he slew over fifty Orcs. In this battle, his jaw was smashed by the mace of an Orc warlord, and it had to be replaced by a steel substitute (hence his nickname).

He also became famous for his forging of the Shadowbane, a large mithril axe of outstanding beauty, which slays Orcs easily, and the Brisingmarh, a white-laen torc of immense craftsmanship. both these items have become legendary in the mountain of Kazad-Ar, and he carries them as symbols of power, along with the Crown of Kuzak, the helm of kings.

Kimlaz is a great and fair king, swift to laughter and anger, and is respected as a great warrior. His long beard is grey with age, and his easy smile shows the evidence of his metal lower teeth. Kimlaz has disdain for the Slayers, hatred of Orcs, and a strange affection for the Salasians.