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Kimun'aza is the ruler of the territory of Zar-Kimun'aza, as well as the lover of the Shadowmage. Born 200 years ago, in the Ilman grotto of Diana, she was originally known as Tianna. A Bringer, Tianna was a member of the circle of Romara, and considered one of the most blessed of priestesses. One night, after consuming a small amount of Gulan, Tianna experienced a dream in which she was visited by the Shadowmage. He promised her immense power, and whether by magic or persuasion, she accepted.

The next day, Tianna left the Grottoes, and was never seen again. She journeyed to Daenor, and was given the power she sought; the ability to manipulate people, via fear and hate, as well as love. This magic stemmed from the Death Queen herself, rather than Melina. The Shadowmage desired Tianna, and she quickly became his lover, and most trusted servant. From then on, she was known as Kimun'aza, which is Orcish for 'She who seduces.' He power to read and control minds became legendary, and Kimun'aza spent many years as one of the Shadowmage's greatest assassins.

In 1238, the leader of Zar-Gimbul, a black troll named Gimbula, sought to overthrow the Shadowmage, and take over Daenor himself. The rebellion was quickly quashed, and Gimbula was executed. The Shadowmage gave rulership of the land to Kimun'aza, the only person he trusted enough to rule the desolate place properly. The territory was renamed Zar-Kimun'aza.

Kimun'aza is greatly feared by the other warlords, and not just for her favour with the Shadowmage. Her ability to control and seduce others is greatly feared by them. Once she has sex with one someone, they are immediately under her control, and cannot escape. Her feminine charms and magic ensure no one can resist her, should she choose them. Kimun'aza currently has an army of loyal men as her bodyguard, previous victims, and she takes great delight in choosing men with powerful backgrounds. One of her most prized 'pretties' is the former prince of Malidor, Henri, as well as the old head of the Inquisition, Kean DeMari. Her spies are everywhere, and she is also able to travel to any location at will. Most frequently she returns to Daenor, to visit the Shadowmage. Her palace, Blackswan Keep, is located a few miles west of Teleron Forest.