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Incredibly beautiful and exotic, Kinia Tapia is a spy working for the Inquisition. Half-Ursani, she has been thoroughly interrogated by the Inquisition, who believe her cured of all her ‘Devilish’ urges, inherent in all Morrim. Originally a Siena Dancer, she quickly took a post with the Inquisition when they noticed her keen eye and quick wit. Purged of all her ‘wickedness’ by the Inquisition, she then became a spy for them.

Now, she has arrived at Marco’s palace, where she quickly managed to wiggle her way into his bed. Naturally, as she is only 31, there is a lot of ill-approving gossip from the public, and stern looks from Father Manchez. Yet her position enables her to spy on Marco thoroughly. Marco wishes to marry her, so she can provide his duchy with an heir, yet Kinia, so far, has naturally refused.

The Inquisition, shocked at how easily Marco was lead astray, especially by one of his own ‘devil-spawn,’ are naturally disturbed.