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The Mouth of the Shadow

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Kistan was born in Mizania, heir to Kyrwulf, lord of the Ardanian Morrim. During that time, Mizania was ruled by Yamaile, and the Shadowmage took a special interest in the young Kistan. A formidable fighter, even at a young age, Kistan was also rare amongst the Morrim for having an innate magical ability. Yamaile encouraged that ability, teaching him the dark arts. Kistan excelled, and within 20 years became both the greatest warrior and most powerful sorcerer in the southern realms. Kistan became both Yamaile's general, and his representative to the xenophobic Morrim.

Kistan was obsessively loyal to both Yamaile and the Death Queen, and the Shadow-Mage granted him a ring of Immortality in return for his aid. Kistan followed Yamaile to Panadarat, and then to Daenor, always as Yamaile's closest friend and aide.

Now, in Carakum, Kistan is third in command. Acting as Hish'mar (Mouth of the Shadow), it is he who relays the majority of orders to the Shadowmage's people. The people, generally fearful of the Shadowmage, prefer to deal with the mortal Kistan. Kistan is both the Shadowmage's diplomat and mortal representative, and was even trusted to speak to the Death Queen on numerous occasions. As well as being Yamaile's mouth, he also acts as his advisor, the only mortal to enjoy that privilege. A powerful sorceror and worthy fighter, Kisten acts as Second-General in times of war. Loyal and steadfast, Kistan is slow to anger, with a eerie lack of emotion. However, any who threaten his master, or who upset him will face quick justice and death from his sword or magic.