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Kizana is the High Archon of the Black Fangs, and feared by citizens throughout Daenor. Cruel and sadistic, her reputation throughout the lands is one of horror. Kizana believes that she is the most important person in the Realm (though she never expresses the opinion around her 'betters'), and that the 'peasants' are there for her amusement and displeasure. In truth, she gained the rank of High Archon solely by murdering those above her. Surprisingly, this has earned her a lot of respect in the lower circles of the priesthood, and only one assassination attempt has been made on her. Born on an impoverished farm in the mountains, Kizana is fiercely proud of how far she has come.

Kizana is an old woman, and malformed. Mutated by years of convorting with demons (her favoured method of assassination) as left its toll. Half of her face is insectoid, she has sprouted winds, and one of her feet is cloven. She continues to meddle with the forces of darkness however, so the changes have not ceased. Kizana is reknowned as the priestess who had an entire town executed and sacrificed because her soup was cold- a sin against the temple, she claimed. Ruthless and insane, it is little wonder the people fear her. However, since her mutation started, she has become self-conscious, and rarely leaves the confines of the temple. She spends most of her time in a dark room, lit only by candles. However, she still walks the towns occasionally, ensuring that the miserable peasants don not forget her name.