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of Grelis

SYMBOL- A silver orb on a black field

Nyle Koenar, Count of Grelis
The third of three brothers, Nyle took over the county of Grelis when his brother, Odalf, was killed in the assault on Firnor. Nyle and his brothers were close, and he mourned deeply at Odalf's death. The second in the line to the County, Joesaf, refused the position, instead asking that Odalf's two daughters, Freya and Boedwhin were given into his care. Nyle reluctantly took the title. Although unmarried, Nyle is currently courting Countess van Streissberg. The two are planning to combine their realm, should marriage occur. This has lead to a lot of complaints from certain nobles, mainly de Morte, who believes the balance of the kingdom will fall into their favour. Many of the population are also concerned, as there has always been a rivalry between Grelis and Dhinar. So far, several assassination attempts have been foiled. Interstingly, the house of von Keidrich is unconcerned (as Countess van Streissberg is a vampire).

RACE- High Man
AGE- 28

Lady Bethin Koenar

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The only child of Nyle, from an illicit affair with a common woman, Bethin is much-loved by her father. Unbeknownst to him, she holds a secret; she is a Vampire slayer. Several years ago, she had a visit from an elderly man, who claimed there were Vampires abroad in Crebainia. He said it was her duty to slay these Vampires, and bestowed certain gifts upon her, including increased strength and agility, as well as certain spells. Since then, she has spent most nights slaying the Vampires. She is getting rather concerned, as the Vampires seem to be growing in number. She is secretly planning to establish a guild dedicated to their eradication.

RACE- High Woman
AGE- 18
PROFESSION- Warrior/ Slayer (With a few spells)