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The Krak’ina are the elite marines of the Sea-Folk, and are ruthless and vicious in battle. No Marines (save Possible for the Antillian Guard), come close to their prowess, and they fight equally as well on land as on sea. The Krak’ina are trained solely for fighting and act as both an assault team, and the general watchmen of the city-ships. Most maintain a large barracks on the city-ship. All Sea-Wolves are male, and are led by the Kraken (Great Wolf), the greatest of the Wolves (it is worth noting that is where the word ‘Kraken’ comes from, indicating the great squid, Kerin’thia’s greatest fear. The Kraken is, more often than not, married to the Captain of the ship. On a clan basis, all the Kraken band together under the high Kraken, who serves as military general for the Seamistress herself. All Sea-Wolves pray to Kirina, the goddess of the Sea, before a battle, and they are fiercely devout.


Weapon 1 5

Weapon 2 4

TA: Sea 5

Swimming 5

Rapelling 5

Body Development 5

2 Weapon Combo 5

Tactics 4

Missile Artillery 4

WOW: Pain 3

Leadership 2

Religon: Kirina 4

Climbing 2

Must Forsake 2 levels.