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The Landtamers are a group of rangers founded in 415 by Ral Norim. Their job is to track down and capture Manticores, as well as train them. In addition they serve the tasks of normal rangers, in defending travellers, protecting the land, and hunting down criminals. Anyone can join the Landtamers, though most members come from the Army. The Landtamers are put through a few physical tests before they are admitted, though this isn't too rigorous. The Landtamers are hard-pressed for members due to the dangerous job they do.

The Landtamers are lead by Captain Harl Davros, and are stationed in Liona. The Landtamers possess numerous underground dens, which they call 'Shants.' These shants consist of one large underground chamber, with beds, weapons, food, etc. They are used for hiding, spying, and general accomodation. Their entrances are usually hidden with foliage and stones. Only members of the Landtamers know where these Shants are, and only the Captain knows where they ALL are.


Longsword 4

Longbow 4

Dagger 2

MIA: Rigid Leather 4

Beastmaster 2

Body Development 4

Ride: Horse 2

Manticore Healing 1

Manticore Training 2

Tracking 4

Read Tracks 4

Stalk/Hide 5

Foraging 3

Region Lore (GM's choice) 3

Herb Lore 2

Fauna Lore 3

Ambush 4

Surveillance 2


Must Forsake 1 level.


Talent Points:

Weapon (+5) 0

Lesser War horse 40

Owed Favour by officer 3

Promotion 10

Armour (+5) 10