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Ligraine is the daughter of Minotos, a black smith in Salasia.. Trained by her mother to be a clothier and tailor, Ligraine was always ambitious for more. She met her husband when he was at the Kadi-Mar, as she used to deliver clothes there. The two fell in love, and when he ascended the throne, they were married. Ligraine is the head of the Salasian church, and is very pious in her beliefs. Trained by the former queen, Ligraine loves her job. She was also grateful to her husband for taking her outside the vale, to see a little of the world beyond. However, she is unsure if the rest of the population are ready for that. She also disagrees with the king's desire to remove the death sentence, fearing anarchy.

Ligraine is a beautiful woman, with long blonde hair, and full lips.