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Lindelas is the third child of the Queen Mearra. Leading his kin west with Amelis, he left the lands of Tauron and returned to Ilmanor to aid the Blessed. Unlike Amelis, however, Lindelas prefers a more subtle approach. Relying on magic, the Nelor remain hidden, studying the tides of politics carefully. Lindelas believes a shift is due, soon, and that the powers of Daenor will be vanquished. Following the defeat of the Death Queen, he is even more adamant of the re-emergence of Alqador. Biding his time, Lindelas is already planning for the day when he will ride to the Ilman capital and announce that the Scourge has vanished. He does not miss an opportunity to hurry that day ahead, however. Should a Daenorrim host approach too close to his kingdom, or a Blessed find himself in trouble within reach of his powers, Lindelas will act quickly. A natural diplomat, Lindelas takes a neutral standpoint between Kiani's isolationism, and Amelis' fiery passion.