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The Linuir are a group of Wood Elves who moved to the forest of Enedhaur from Edhelnor, in the third age. The Elves were troubled by the Morrim frequently, so when the Parzifans came to the Realm, the Elves greeted them happily.


Aldarion is a monarchy, ruled over by King Calador. The forest of Enedhaur, by decree of the king of Ardadain, is off-limit to Mortals, unless invited by the Elves themselves. The forest, and the Mountains contained within, or considered part of the Wood Elf domain.


There is no social rank amongst the elves of Enedhaur. Every one has equal status. Even the king is generally treated as a peer (though Calandor is quick to chastise those who forget his position.) Most Elves care little for work or money, and spend there time singing, dancing, socializing, flirting, etc. Those who do take up crafts do so for the beauty, rather than for the monetary value. Life is slow and easy in the Elven city.


Calador maintains a small garrison within the City, and scattered throughout the forest, protecting its confines form Orcs from the north, or wayward travellers. In addition, there is quite a large force of Rangers and Archers stationed in the mountains, as well as around the city. Calador’s famous Wardancers and Beastmasters constantly patrol the forests and hills.


The Linuir have no currency as such, preferring to barter. They have little need for currency, and prefer to do without. However, if such need should arise, the King has a large treasury filled with money from all different eras.


Like most Elves, the Linuir are tall and slight, with pointed ears. Their hair is usually golden to sandy, and their eyes are blue or green. When out and about, the Linuir will wear red or white clothing, practical though well-made. Whilst at home, their clothing will be a lot more colourful and bright, and often a lot more flamboyant or revealing.


The Majority of the Linuir live in the city of Eldarion, a vast underground complex. Each has a few caverns or rooms of his/her own, decorated with beautiful items. Scattered around the city are various tree-villages, consisting of tree houses and flets. These flets barely consist of more than one room. Each house is ajoined by a rope bridge.


The Linuir are self-sufficient, living off the food of the forest. This includes all kinds of meat and vegetables. Occassionally, the elves will trade with the Mannish folk for wine, mead, milk and bread.


The Linuir worship all of the Tolton deities, but above all they follow Eleniel, Goddess of the Stars, and mother of the Elves.