child_m.gif (3208 bytes)nights of the Lion

The King's Pride


Symbol- A golden lion on a black field (plus the Knight's personal herald).
Skills- The Lions get the following skills (note: must forsake 4 levels):

Skill Ranks
Primary Weapon 11
Missile Weapon 11
1 Combat Skill 6
Chain Armour 12
Ride (Horse) 11
Heraldry 4
Body Development 8
TA Mounted 8
Unhorse 5
WOW: Will 4
WOW: Pain 4
WOW: Unconcious 4
WOW: Fatigue 4
Leadership 6
Chivalry 6
Tactics 4
Hobbies 4

+10 ST
+10 SD

The knights of the lion form the elite of Ardadain's troops, and often serve as leaders of battle units. They are reknown for their horsemanship and strong-sense of chivalry. Becoming a knight is only achieved by proving oneself in battle, or doing a task which benefits the whole of Ardadain, and only then if King Argus deems you worthy. Any person who accepts knighthood must then swear fealty to the king, and undergo months of training at the Royal Palace. A person can request to become a knight too. If the king accepts their request, he first sends them off on a mission or quest of great valour. These questing warriors are known as Errants. If they succeed, they are welcomed as any other.

The knights themselves number less than three hundred, and only a faction of these gain the rank of 'Iron-claw'. Most of the knights have recently retuned to Ardadain, after the wars in the Holy-Land with Prince Argus VI. All of the knights receive a sword, or other weapon, from the king's magic vaults, and a warhorse from the king's own stables. Most knights possess land, and a house or castle (those that don't recide with the king in his palace), and those of high esteem can rule over villages or even towns. Knights always receive respect where ever they go, and all   Ardadain inn-keepers will offer them and their companions free-board.


The Lions were founded by King Arbilus, in 668, as a response to the Death-Queen's threat. Originally they were just specialized warriors, drawn from the ranks, and trained to fight the Forces of the Shadow. They Lions were originally ferocious and ruthless, and far from chivalric. They were feared greatly on the battle field. They also rescued the King on three seperate occassions, and stopped him from being slain on the battlefield. In 671 most of the Lions are wiped out in the great battle.

In order to swell the ranks, King Argill began to promote any soldiers who had done well in battle, as well as those who had achieved great glory in other ways. Thus began the long tradition of knighting a warrior.

Talent Points-
+15 Weapon= 0
Greater Warhorse= 0 +10 Shield= 10
+10 Armour= 10
Make weapon 'magic'= 15
Make weapon 'slaying'= 40
Own Land= 5
Own Manor= 20
Own Castle= 35
Rule Village= 35
Rule Town= 50