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By all appearances, Lisana appears to be a Dark Elf of great beauty. However, in truth she is much more, being the daughter of the Morhir Zaria, and an Elven Prince. Lisana is in charge of the Bane, which she helped set up with her mother. A fair and graceful leader, Lisana is loved by her troops. Clever and ruthless, her enemies have learned to fear her as much as her respect her. As niece of the Shadow-mage, Lisana enjoys a position of great power amongst the Daenorim. This is complemented by the ruthless professionalism of her Bane- feared throughout the Empire.

Dubbed as 'Queen of the Spire' by her minions, Lisana is an over-whelming presence. With the beauty and presence of her mother, Lisana is both attractive and fearsome. Not many enjoy as fearsome reputation as Lisana, nor as wide-spread. Her deadliness has earned her the nickname 'Lady Death' amongst the Free Peoples of Parzifica.