child_t.gif (3413 bytes)uchess Lucinda el Mar

Lucinda inherited the duchy of Pegador two years ago when her husband, Rolando, died of fever. Although high-born, Lucinda's family were poverty stricken and she was married to Rolando to increase their wealth. Lucinda never loved Rolando, though she respected him.

Lucinda rules the duchy well, better than her husband ever did, and her emphasis on trade and fashion have increased the duchies wealth and standing. Lucinda is classed as the peak of fashion and etiquette, and other important women of the realm often mimic her style and clothing. Lucinda is very much a trend-setter. Despite her popularity, Lucinda has caused much gossip recently- Only two months after her husband's death, she took a commoner as a lover. He lives with her, and is seen frequently as formal functions. Taking a commoner as a lover is seen, in some circles, as a vogue and many of the ladies of Rhutalath have followed suit. however, the more respectable gentry have frowned on it.

Lucinda is no beauty, although she is elegant and very intelligent. At a towering 6', she dominates any room she is in, and ensures that all fashion is made for tall women. Despite her modest looks, she is wealthy and influential, and many men desire that alone.