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The Maccamatl form the cavalry of the Pachacaca armies. The majority of them are Ultec, the most numerous of the lizardmen. When going into battle they ride velociraptors and other fast-moving dinosaurs, often wielding spears. They also command the vast war-machines of the Pachacaca- stone throwers pulled by stegasauri, who also serve as protective fortresses. Triceratops with iron horns, used as battering rams. Brontasauri carrying armies. The most skilled of the Maccamatl even fly Pteranodons into battle, dropping rocks onto the ranks of their enemies.

The Maccamatl, as well as utilizing the dinosaurs, are responsible for capturing and training them. They are usually led by an Izmec, who uses his psionic powers to initially control the beasts. They are split into divisions, each specializing in a particular war-machine and dinosaur. Every division, however, utilizes the velociraptor and pteranodon steeds. Each tribe-city has its own divisions.

The Maccamatl wear no uniform, as such, though they often carry banners signifying their Division, as well as wearing matching belts.

Skill Rank Skill Rank
Weapon 1 4 Dinosaur Mastery 3
Weapon 2 2 Dinosaur Training 2
Red Tracks 2 Siege Weapon* 1
Hunting 3 Lizard Lore 2
Tracking 3 Dinosaur Healing 2
Body Dev. 3 Woodcraft 3
Rope Mastery 1 Flying/Gliding 4
Dinosaur Handling 1 Ride: Dinosaur* 1

* Choose Specialization

Must forsake one level.


Trained Stegosaurus 40

Trained Pteranodon 30

Trained Velociraptor 30

Trained Brontasaurus 70

Trained T-Rex 70