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Built in 403 by Lord Rinil Kemlar. The town quickly grew into a city. The Kemlar Palace is here, as well as the Great Barracks. The city is also renown for its giant colloseum, built in 499. Most of the greatest shows in Rhutalath take place here. The city also has a small market set up to supply the arena's patrons.


Built in 404 as a port for the duchy of Manticorelad. It now holds the majority of the navy, as well as boasting the biggest market in the duchy.


Established in 411 as a base from which to capture and tame Manticores. Originally, it was just a fortress, and it was slow to attract a population. Numbers are on the increase, however. It is the base of The Landtamers, as well as the elite Mantaknights.


Originally a huge fortress, established in 921 as a base of operations to remove Elves from the forest. It was once the home of the Elfdeath, a force dedicated to the destruction of Elves. They have long since been disbanded and sent back north, and their barracks are used as a prison.


Built in 412 as a meeting point with the Ainnar elves, as well as a trading point. There was much intermarrying between the two cultures. In 921 the town rebelled against the state, unwilling to reject Elven customs. In 922 the town was captured by the Elfdeath, and thousands were slaughtered. The town is now a market town, with a high population of Half-Elves. The town is home to the Enlightened, a group of individuals opposed to the hatred of Elves.


Built in 514 to support the newly established Elven town of Karil. The town traded with Karil, as well as enjoying happy relations. Like Ainn, it rejected the Elven isolation, and had to be subdued with the Elfdeath. A few of the Enlightened have managed to penetrate the town.

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Type: Mansion

Symbol: Two gold, entwined serpents, on a red field.

Origin: Built in 1371by Kran the Wizard. He has a deal with the Inquistion- they'll let him remain there as long as he keeps out of trouble, and reveals all other magic users to them. Kran originally lived in Drumic, but moved once he decided to pursue magic. After constant years of adventuring, he returned, living on his own so as not to frighten the populace.

Population: 1 (Kran)

Ruler: Kran


Type: Fortress

Symbol: A white lion on a blue field (the symbol of Mantos)

Origin: Built in 400, before the founding of Mantos, this was used to protect the newly liberated lands. Once the duchy was established in 403, the fortress was manned to protect the eastern borders. Now used to guard the East border, as well as protect the shipping lane to Wila.

Military: 300

Population: 125

Ruler: Captain Grim Revis


Type: Abandoned Fortress

Symbol: A white lion on a blue field (the symbol of Mantos)

Origin: Built in 414 to protect the Elves of the forest, as well as provide a meeting place and trading area for them, theses halls once echoed with the laughter of Elven voices. In 920 this Fort was attacked by Elven refugees. The entire population were slaughtered. The Keep has never been re-inhabited.


Type: Ruined Ziggurat.

Symbol: none.

Origin: Built in the second century by the Morrim, this was abandoned when the Morrim were chased out of the lands. It is reputed to be haunted by the Spirits of the Elves of Garn forest, who hid there for a time, after being driven out of the forest. They were slaughtered by the Elfdeath who attacked the ruins. The Morrim and Elven treasure is still rumoured to lie there.


Type: Ruined Town

Symbol: none

Origin: Built in the 3rd century by Morrim, this was abandoned when the Morrim left. It has recently been inhabited by Half-Elven refugees from Ainn and Stroval, weary of the violent racism. It was temporarily occupied by General Auberon and his chosen men.

Population: 235

Inhabitants: 100% Half-Elven

Ruler: Vanwe Elatir


Type: Ruined Tree and Ground City

Symbol: An acorn on a green field (The symbol of the Enlightened).

Origin: Originally the capital city of the Ainnar Elves, founded in 410. It was abandoned in 919. It now serves as a secret meeting place for the Enlightened of Ainn.

Population: 5 permanent.


Type: Ruined Tree Town

Symbol: None

Origin: Originally an Elven town, established in 418 and abandoned in 919.



Type: Ruined Tree Town

Symbol: none

Origin: An Elven town built in 446. It was abandoned in 919. Now serves as a bandits lair, for bandits attacking the Tututle/Stroval road.

Population: 31 Bandits

Ruler: Grolf Kernson



Type: Ruined City

Symbol: none

Origin: The origin of this Morrim city is unknown. When the Rhutalathians found it in 405, it had already long been abandoned. Something lives here, and it is not natural to Gaiana. Only one person has ever returned from here alive, and he was insane!

Population: ???

Ruler: ???