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Lying between the Wild River, and the Glos, Mantos is a very poor place. There is limited good soil, due to the desolation of the Mantos Plains, and the haunting of the forests, and very few resources. Additionally, Mantos is one of the smallest counties. Because of the small population, Mantos has a small army. This isn't a problem, as Mantos has relatively few enemies, compared to Tyari Tereg, and Isana. Despite this, its armies are well trained, and its Mantaknights are feared across the whole of North Pacifica. The people are very poor, and as such have earned a reputation for being beggars and thieves. This is unfair: A few outlying towns, such as Riry, have a large population of thieves, but most are happy with their lot. Still, the phrase 'Never trust a Mantosian!' is common throughout Rhutalath.

Type: Duchy / County

Symbol: White lion on a blue field.
Capital: Wila
Population: 205, 000
Inhabitants: Mainly Rhutalathian. Some Half-Elves.

Major Exports:
Tin to Pegador

Major Imports:
Coal from Pegador.

Other Imports:
Chalk from Tyari Tereg (Troll Downs)

Military: Lead by General Salam Dranus

Knights 85
Cavalry 700
Warriors 3,200
Archers 1,900
Landtamers 650
Mantaknights 512
Whiteguard 25
Levy 20,000
Galleons 25

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