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Despite their name, very few of the Mantaknights are actually knighted. They are drawn from the ranks of the Mantosian army and the Landtamers. Anyone can apply for membership, but only those of great prestige and skill will be accepted. Mantaknights are expected to be able to control their Manticore, and so are left with an untamed one for a lunar month, in the Forest of Tut. The aim is to train the Manticore, and make it a friend. It doesn't matter how this is achieved, but you must be seen riding out of the forest on it, on the last day. The Mantaknight must also be seen to exercise great control over the Manticore. If this is achieved, you are automatically initiated into the ranks. Many hopeful initiates have been killed in this ritual.

The Mantakinghts are simply another branch of the Mantosian army, and are subject to orders from the general. The leader of the Mantaknights is Sir Renol Artoin, The Lord Fang. The Mantaknights, also known as the Blue Fangs, wear blue, like the army, but with red trimmings. Their symbol is a black manticore, or a black fang.

The Knights were founded by Sir Krin Dalros in 452. They are stationed in Liona.


Rank is determined as follows:

4 fangs on arm = Lord Fang (high Captain), 3 Fangs= Great Fang (a Captain), 2 Fangs= Red Fang ( Sergeant), 1 Fang = Black Claw (Soldier)


Broadsword 5

Lance 5

Longbow 4

Body Dev 4

MIA: Chain 8

Ride: Manticore 10

Flying/Gliding 5

Manticore Handling 5

Beastmastery 5

Manticore Healing 5

Manticore Training 5 1

Foraging 3

Fire-Starting 1

Cookery 2

Tracking 4


+10 Weapons

1 Trained Manticore

Must forsake 3 levels. In addition, the character must have already purchased the 'Rhutalath Noble Soldier' or 'Landtamer' training packages.