child_t.gif (3413 bytes)uke Marco Pablan

Duke Marco Pablan is old beyond his years, and most of the Toltoluine citizens wonder how he’s managed to stay alive. He is nearly 80, and though he’s losing his mind, physically he shows no sign of dying any time soon. Marco Pablan puts his longevity down to his strong faith, and is the most devout follower of Khanusan you could hope to meet. Even the death of his wife, during childbirth, forty years ago, now even the subsequent death of his new-born son, could shake this belief.

Despite this faith, Pablan’s blood-line is heavily mixed with that of the Ursani, and his father was an Ursani Chieftain. Because of this, the Inquisition watch his carefully, wondering if someone ‘devil-born’ could truly be so devout. Additionally, as Pablan is losing his mind, the Inquisition thought it necessary to send him an advisor, Father Manchez, to help run his duchy.

Marco Pablan is a tall man, with long grey hair. Apart from that, he has weathered quite well. The only mark of his Ursani ancestry are the tattoos he bears on his arms- an unwanted reminder to Pablan of his ‘devil’ ancestry.