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The Antillian Marines are the marines of the Empire, and protect both the merchant Navy and the Coastal cities of the Empire. They follow a similar structure to the Legion and, like them, they owe sole allegiance to the Emperor. Unlike the Legion, the Antillians are happier with their assignment- most are in Belestar short-term, on shore-leave after escorting trade vessels. The Empire keeps five Galleons stationed at Fort Belestar to defend the coast, and the Marines from those ships are in Belestar indefinitely- however, the Marines enjoy a lot more trade with Rhutalath and eat and drink well. They also trade frequently with the Kerin’thia. The Marines in Belestar are not as corrupt as the Legionaires, and continue to serve the empire well.

For more information on the Antillian marines, see Atlantea

Skill Rank Skill Rank
Scimitar 9 Sailing 9
TA: Shipboard 9 History: Atlantea 3
MIA: Chain 9 Rope-Mastery 6
Dagger 6 Religion: Atlantea 3
Boat-Handling 9 Grappling 3
Body Dev. 9 Tactics 6
Rowing 6 Alcohol Tol. 3
WOW: Pain 6 Brawling 6

Must forsake 3 levels


Antillian Angaer Armour- AT 16, encumbers as 13, +15 DB. Floats on water

Antillian Angaer Weapons- +15, float on water.