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Queen Melwen has been alive since the First Age of Gaiana, and has lived through all of the major events of history. The daughter of King Caledor, she helped him lead the twelve tribes of the Argani from the ruins of Avallon, and to establish the kingdom of Edehelnore.

Her deeds or too numerous to mention here, but her life mirrors that of the history of Edhelnore, and more information can be found in the chronology. Her life is mainly one of tragedy. Her first husband, Aldaru, died at the hands of her father after he tried to assassinate her. Her father died at the hands of a rebel man named Dernius, who also raped her. Her brother, Calador, as taken to isolationism and is rarely seen. Melwen has spent much of her time alone, and until recently, avoided both love and marriage. Only with the arrival of Lexus, who Prospero prophesised, did she break that vow and take a King.

Melwen is an emotionally-strong Elf, wise and compassionate. She is slow to anger, and rules fairly. However, she doesn’t hesitate when a decision is necessary, even if the decision is against her liking. Unlike her father, she prefers to take an active role in the lives of Men- she has seen the bloodshed and slaughter which arise from apathy. To her the Mannish races are like children- intelligent and capable of great deeds, but requiring guidance and vigilance. She is a skilled warrior, rivalling most of her contemporaries with a blade but, more importantly, she is a great Sorceress, and trained in both Arcane and Prosaic magics.