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Duke Algrin Duchess Diadre Lord Altros



Duke Algrin is a veteran of the Third Holy War, and was a great soldier in his day. However, since that time he has been forced to retire, folowing the loss of his left arm and half his right leg. Despite his successes in battle, Algrin is bitter about his wound, and thinks of himself as a failure. Because if this, he is determined to succeed as a Duke, and make Huanor a civilized place to live.

Knowing that he can not clean up the duchy of all the criminals, and that the majority of his soldiers are corrupt, Algrin has instead funded the opening of several guilds, most importantly a Thieves guild and an adventurers guild. All these guilds frown upon non-members carrying out activities without sanction, and hunt down the perpetrators. The Thieves Guild has done more to arrest wayward thieves in ten years then his Soldiers and guards have ever done.

Algrin is a devout Khanusan, and hates Elves with a vengeance. They are the worst of all criminals, he believes, and has ordered an enlargement of both the Elf-Death and Fey-Stalkers.

Algrin is a short man, with long dark hair and a grugged beard. He walks with the permanent aid of a crutch.


Diadre is the daughter of Cymrian princess, and the former Duke of Huanor. Thus, she is Algrin's half-sister, as well as his wife. Algrin is unaware they share the same blood, although Diadre is well-aware, and seems content to have married her brother.

Diadre is well-liked by the Besak- kin, to whom she is sympathetic. In truth, she works for an extremist group known as Fein-Besaqi, whom are determined to form a separate Huanor state. She married Algrin in order to further those aids, although at the moment she is content to keep her loyalties secret. Eventually, she plans to take over the throne of Huanor, and declare the duchy an independent nation. For now though, she is using her brother to improve the country and stabilize it, as well as encouraging him to rebuild an effective army. although she loves her half-brother, she knows that one day she will be expected to assassinate him. She faces that day with a regretful but determined mind.

Diadre is a small woman, with long blonde hair and fair skin. She is beautiful, and wily, and uses her good-looks to full advantage.


Although only four, Altros, as Diadre's and Algrin's heir, is set to inherit the throne. Diadre has big designs for him, expecting him to be the first King of Besaqi. Unfortunately the child is hideously deformed, his left arm withered and his face distorted, the result of the incestuous marriage of his parents.