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Mian was born in Mizania four hundred years ago, under the name of Fenris. The sun of the priest-king of Kana, Fenris was the heir to the Kanan throne. However, his family were part of a blood-feud with the Tyrant of Mina, Gorik. Gorik lead an army against Kana, after they refused to yield their lands to him. The Kanans fought valiantly, but in the end were destroyed. Gorik captured Fenris' family, and tortured and slaughtered them in front of him. Then, he gave Fenris to his soldiers for sport, to be used as a servant. The soldiers took pity on him, and released him into the wild. Death was surely a better fate for a former prince. Angry and consumed by grief, Fenris wandered the forest, with no home or family. Eventually, he was taken in by a she-wolf and her pack. They raised him as their own, and he learned to survive in the forest. He lived with the wolves for 10 years, until he had fully grown. Then, slightly mad, he vowed revenge on Gorik.

Gorik, meanwhile, thinking all his enemies dead, had pledged himself to the Shadowmage, in order to gain power and long-life. He had been placed in charge of a garrison of Orcs in Vancumar. Fenris, learning of this, sought him out, and challenged him to blood-duel. Gorik could not refuse, and reluctantly agreed. There, in front of his troops, Gorik was beheaded by the feral Mizanian. Normally, Fenris would have been killed on the spot, but the Shadowmage saw the fire of hate in his eyes, and decided to use him to his own end. He took Fenris into his surface, giving him the Ring of Longevity, as all the warlord's possess. Fenris quickly became a great leader, and rose in the ranks. Eventually, he was placed in charge of the territory of Zar-Mian (Mian being his Orcish name, and meaning 'The Wild.' His capital is Lugmian.

Mian is unshamedly insane, and very violent. He frequently summons Orcs to his chambers just so he can kill them, for the sheer pleasure. He has no love for the Shadowmage, and is slowly plotting for when he is powerful enough to destroy him. He is no schemer, however, and willingly kills those who could be powerful allies in his quest. He once returned to his wolf pack, but they feared the anger and insanity in his eyes, and left him. He has since gathered a new wolf-pack of Shujak, wild and vicious wolves who follow his every step, and never leave his side.