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Born on the holy day of Melra, Miara was always destined for great things. Joining the Bringer priesthood at 17, Miara shot through the ranks, and was the youngest person ever to achieve Melina's Circle, being only 40 years of age. The most powerful in magic, and blessed with particularly beautiful looks, Miara was considered blessed by Melina herself, and became a personal student of the High Priestess, Galia. On her death, Galia chose Miara to be the next High Priestess, at the lowly age of 55.

Miara fared very well in her new role; amongst her achievements were the opening of a hundred more temples, and the expansion of the religion into other countries like Ardadain. This latter act was spurred by King Goran, who felt it was one way they could intergrate themselves with other lands. Eventually, Miara's magical abilities became so powerful, that many began to say she had been possessed by Melina herself. The majority of those who knew her began to think that maybe she was the avatar of Melina, walking the world in human form. Miara plays this down, claiming that whilst it is true in a symbolic fashion, no human could ever reach Her Glory.

Miara, the most powerful priestess in Ilman history, is also the most famous person outside the Grottoes. As far away as Ardadain and Rhutalath, her name is said with awe, and a certain amount of lust. Due to the building of several hundred temples outside Ilman, her name is passed amongst the other Free Peoples even more so than the mysterious 'Gnoll-king,' Goran. Miara has chosen Kheaser, her friend since youth, as her consort. He is Lord of the Chalice, and serves with her in the Temple of Mishari.