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Miassma was born in the town of Furton, near the Ilman border. The son of an Elven whore, Miassma was left at the army barracks in Furton, hoping they would dispose of him. At first, the Captain was going to have him killed until a Black Fang recognized a powerful spark of magic within him. Miassma was then sent to Miru, to be brought up by the Servants of Lore.

Miassma quickly became one of the most powerful of the servants, not to mention a master of disguise. Sent to Keledrakus at an early age as Master, he succeeded in assassinating the leader of the Jadewings, stealing the Gem of Control and starting a civil war. Fairly soom after that, at the age of 24, he was promoted to Loremaster, one of the youngest to achieve the position. Now, after been in term for 15 years, Miassma is a favourite of Zaria. They enjoy great mutual respect, and some have even claimed they share a bed.

Miassma is a cunning and manipulative man, patient and somewhat sombre. Quiet and modest, Miassma rarely shows his delight in his achievements, though is quick to congratulate those he commands. Though he is loyal to the Shadowmage, he is ambitious, and will do whatever is necessary to further is cause. He has already counterminded the Shadow-Mage's orders a few times, but so far Zaria has protected him. This may not last for long.......