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The Mighazakonim are the Dwarven Marines, Ferocious and dedicated to their Hearth-Clans and ships, the Mighazakonim are feared by both pirates, and enemies of Rhutalath. Most non-Dirani Dwarves look on them with a mix of repulsion and respect. They do not understand why any Dwarf would want to go near the water, yet they admire their courage in doing so. The Marines, however, love the sea, and lust for the thrill of a sea-battle. When not fighting, the Marines are responsible for rowing, unfurling sails, and generally acting as sailors.

The Mihazakonim are the warriors of the various Hearth-clans, and give allegiance only to those of the same clan and ship, apart from their King, of course. When they go into battle, they rarely wear armour, instead displaying their bare and highly tattooed chests. They are ferocious during boarding assaults, often wielding a two-handed axe in each hand, as well as a smaller one in their mouth. The songs of the Marines are loud and boisterous, and can often be heard many miles away, in the Mannish coastal towns.



Battleaxe 4

Axe 4

2 Weapon Combo 4

Swimming 2

MIA: Soft Leather 2

Body Development 4

TA: Shipboard 3

Climbing 3

Boat Pilot 1

Rowing 5

Sailing 3

Navigation 1

Rope Mastery 3

Frenzy 2

Woodcraft 1

Rappeling 2

Must forsake 1 level.