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The Mi'kori are the artillery and siege masters of the Daenor army. Entirely Arim, the Mi'kori are slow to get into battle, but can leave great paths of destruction.

The main force of the Mi'kori are the Ichi'sin, the giant slugs of the Mi'nor plains. These slugs are capable of carrying vast ballistae and catapults into battle, as well as up to twenty Arim. Their ability to climb up walls makes them a bane to any besieged forces. Though slow, they are deadly.

The second force are the Nori'sin, the giant snails. Unlike the Ichi'sin, the snails possess large shells, which the Rim hollow out. The shells can carry troops and archers safely into battle, and other walls. More importantly, the shells can store large ammunition, and hold greater weight, leading to bigger weapons being mounted on their backs.

The Mi'kori are the Arim who capture and tame the giant beasts, as well as man them in battle. Their job is dangerous, for even though the beasts are passive, they are capable of crushing a man easily. The mi'kori also act as sappers and siege masters in the battle, lending valuable aid where the fighting is thickest.

The Mi'kori live apart from the other Arim, living in small groups on the plains. When not at war, the Arim use the beasts for traction and as cranes, creating large buildings easily. The Mi'nor'i fortress, on the plains, is evidence of what wonders a Mi'kori team can produce.


Weapon 2

Soft Leather 2

Field Artillery 5

Ride Ichi'sin/Nori'sin 4

Train Ichi/Nori 3

Tracking 2

Trap-building 3

Herding 1

Digging 2

Stonecraft 2

Tactics (siege warfare) 3