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Miquala is the current Lady of the Crystal Hall, the leader of the Cor Noli. Her mother Parmala was a member of the Cor Noli, and raised her daughter to be the same. Miquala’s interest was always in Mankind, particularly the heirs of Kuros and the sword, Dagnos. It was during her research at Tol Nole that she stumbled upon scrolls detailing the fate of Dagnos, and a prophecy dictating the Death Queen’s fall. She spent many years on the road, chasing leads, even heading deep into Daenor, until she managed to find information on the sword’s shards. Her work eventually led to the formation of the Company of the Sword, and Miquala was promoted to the head of the order, even above her own mother and Prince Prospero.

Throughout all her travels Miquala was accompanied by Stool, her adopted brother. She is as fiercely loyal to him as he is to her, and had many fights in her youth with those who would mock him. Of a similar age, Miquala and Stool were generally inseparable when they were younger, though their jobs often take them far from each other now.

As Lady of the Crystal Hall Miquala still manages to find time to leave the Elvenlands and explore the lands of Men, who she loves so well. Her love of the Mannish folk confuses her kin, and she even chooses Men as her lovers.

Miquala is still young, only 45 Man years. Despite her wisdom and her intelligence she still occasionally appears to be naive and childlike. Like most of the Argani she is jovial, though she prefers to spend her time at the banquets of Man than in the halls of the Elves.