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The Mirehawks are a branch of the Isanian army specialized in hunting down Gratar, and traversing the Loeg Cabor.Tthey were formed in 1360 by Captain Kahlos Salno, in response to repeated attacks by the Nar'ala. Stationed in Dranal, they now number about three hundred. The Mirehawks are a special branch of the military, and can only join if great skill is shown by a soldier. Membership is usually offered rather than sought. The current leader is Captain Tam Gorak.

The symbol, in addition to the yellow rose of Isana, is a black toad. They wear uniforms similar to the Isanians, except they have green surcoats and blue trimmings. Their armour is light, rather than chain, and they wear no helms.


Shortsword 4

Spear 3

Shortbow 3

Swimming 3

MIA: Soft Leather 5

Body Development 3

Stalk/Hide 3

Tracking 2

Ambush 3

Region Lore: Loeg Cabor 5

Rowing 1

Perception: Sight 1

Gratar Lore 5

Set Trap 2

Use/Remove Poison 2

Trap-building 2

Must forsake 1 level. In addition, the character must have already purchased the 'Rhutalath Noble Soldier' training package.